Sibu 2006

Visit Sibu again in June 2006. As usual on my official trip. Left KL on 12 Jun 2006 on Flight MH2712 scheduled to leave at 8.15 am. But there was some technical problem and the plane took off after an hour delay. Arrive Sibu at 11.00 am and got a message the message that my friend from Kota Kinabalu will arrive at 11.05 am. While waiting for the Immigration clearance, hear the Fokker 50 landed.

Stayed at Tanah Mas Hotel.

This time around found something new about Sibu. She has a mascot. The swan. Even the town logo has a design in the shape of a swan. I wondered whether there are swans and when asked one of the Sibuan, I was told it originated from “swan” in Foo Chow. The picture of the monument of two swan is at a padang behind Wisma Sanyan (the highest building in Sibu). There is also another monument of the Swan on the Sungai Rejang behind Kingwood Hotel. (Picture on the right).


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