Hotel Seri Malaysia Melaka

Part of this article was adapted from the hotel brochure (in italic)

Seri Malaysia Hotel Melaka is the latest addition on the Seri Malaysia chain of 17 hotels all over peninsular Malaysia.

Seri Malaysia Melaka Hotel is surrounded by historical places with many place of interest nearby the hotel. It will give you memorable experience with a nice ambience at the hotel. Seri Malaysia Melaka is located about 1 km after the Air Keroh toll plaza and the landmark is u have to turn left just immediately before the Melaka Arch. Neraby, there are the Malacca Zoo, Butterfly and Reptile Sanctuary, Taman Mini Asean, Crocodile Farm, World Bees Museum and for a nature lovers you can easily reach the Ayer Keroh Recreational Forest and the Ayer Keroh Lake which will give you peace and tranquility within it’s cool surrounding.

Facilities at Seri Malaysia Melaka are Jonker Café, A mini swimming pool and self service laundry. They also have function rooms ideal for conferences, meetings and seminars. For golfers you can choose to tee-off at a few golf courses nearby.

According to the brochure there is broadband internet access in the room but during the time of my stay there is none (not even found anywhere at Seri Malaysia). My room too have no fridge, maybe because it’s a standard room However there coffee making facilities in the room, colour televisyen with only 4 channels. That’s too bad since I can just view TV3 and NTV 7 only whereas the other two channels are very fuzzy. I think at this age of television, they should have Astro services eventhough it means just selected channels to cater for the different needs of guests.

Berakfast at Jonker Café’ is just ordinary with no exceptional dish. Its nasi lemak and fried mee or meehon or koteow besides the usual bread and butter. Coffee and tea is also served besides juice (not sweet) and milk (not sure whether its fresh milk of packed one). I think food is just typical of all Seri Malaysia Hotels. You just have to digest it since its provided with the room.

Well, I get a government rate for one night accomodation that is RM 90.00.

The address

Seri Malaysia Melaka Hotel

Lebuh Air Keroh, 75450 Melaka Bandaraya Bersejarah

Tel: 06-2328460 Fax: 06- 2328470


Ole Sayang (Baba and Nyonya Restaurant)

The rich legacy of Chinese has been preserved by the evolution of a unique community called the Babas and Nyonya whose linage tracks back hundreds of years when the Chinese arrived and inter-married with the local women. The men are called ‘Babas’ and the women “Nyonyas’. From these mixed marraiges evolve a unique culture which retains Chinese customs and Malay traditions. Also known as Straits-born Chinese or ‘Peranakan’, their speech is linguistically assimilated, speaking a form of Malay Patoi, termed Baba Malay and Eurasian. The Nyonyas still wear the Malay ‘sarung’ and they prepare the much sought-after cuisinee known for its typically generuous use of spices and pungent shrimp paste. The ‘Otak-otak’ , Buah Keluak, Itek Tim, Laksa and Mee Siam are excellent examples of the Nyonya cuisine. Nyonyas are also known for their scrumptious and colourful cakes and sweet, sticky delicacies.

When I was in Malacca, a local friend took me and another friend to a Nyonya Restaurant at Melaka Raya. According to him it’s the best Nyonya cooking in town. It is situated at a corner lot along Jalan Merdeka. The address is Ole Sayang Restoran, 198-199 Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka.

At first I was skeptical whether the food serves are halal, since as a Muslim
the status of food is an important aspect in eating. Upon entering I browsed around to see whether there is any HALAL signage around. None. Then I spotted the Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan plaque of TV3’s show hosted by Maria Tengku Sabri. That gives me some confidence.

My friend ordered the gulai lemak, kangkong , tauhu and chicken. Well, frankly I forced myself to eat and of course couldn’t finish a plate of rice.

Melentur Buluh Biar Dari Rebung

Pepatah Melayu menyebut “Melentur Buluh biarlah dari rebungnya”. Sememangnya persepsi dan falsafah orang Melayu itu ada kebenarannya. Mengapa tidak melentur semasa ia sudah menjadi buluh? Takut nanti ia akan pecah, patah dan rosak. Jadi hendak melentur maka perlulah dilakukan sejak ia masih di peringkat rebung lagi.
Begitu juga dalam apa-apa hal yang berkaitan dengan kehidupan manusia, maka setiap perkara itu hendaklah dipupuk semasa masih muda kerana ia mudah melentur. Pendidikan, agama, sukan, kemahiran-kehamiran hidup dan sebagainya hendaklah dipupuk semasa zaman bayi lagi.

Dalam hal sukan adalah susah untuk membentuk semasa seseorang itu sudah menjadi dewasa. Ini kerana kemahiran-kemahiran dalam sukan memerlukan masa yang lama untuk dikuasai. Bagi melahirkan seorang juara ia memerlukan masa sekurang-kurangya 8-10 tahun. Ada kajian menunjukkan untuk menguasai sesuatu kemahiran seseorang memerlukan masa sebanyak 10,000 jam. Begitu juga kajian mendapati bahawa sesuatu lakuan itu dilakukan sebanyak 21 kali ia akan menjadi tabiat.

Utuk membentu seorang juara sukan maka ia perlu dilakukan di zaman kanak-kanak lagi. Kerana pada zaman inilah kanak-kanak yang memilikki raw skills perlu dibentuk agar dia akan mempelajari dan menguasai kemahiran yang betul apabila dewasa kelak. Oleh itu langkah menganjurkan sukan bermula di peringkat Tadika adalah satu langkah yang bijak.

Baru-baru ini saya menghadiri sukan Tadika Kasyiful Ulum, Seri Petaling, Kuala Lumpur. Walaupun sekolah agama tersebut bertujuan membentuk masyarakat Islam yang tinggi ilmunya, namun mereka tidak melupakan kehendak-kehendak semulajadi manusia iaitu beriadah. Nabi Muhammad S.A.W sendiri menjaga kecergasan diri baginda untuk membolehkan mengambil bahagian dalam peperangan mempertahankan syiar Islam. Andai kata Baginda tidak cergas mana mungkin boleh berperang dan membawa kejayaan kepada tentera Islam. Oleh itu untuk menjaga kecergasan diri adalah juga sunnah rasul kerana di zaman ini kita menjadi sihat dan cergas bukan sahaja untuk melalui perjalanan hidup seharian tetapi juga membolehkan kita beribadah dengan tekun.

Semoga usaha Sekolah Agama Kasyiful Ulum ini akan memupuk jaguh sukan yang bukan sahaja cemerlang dan gemilang dalam bidang sukan tetapi seorang jaguh sukan yang beriman dan mencelikkan mata dunia bahawa dengan menjadi Islam tidak semestinya tidak boleh menjadi seorang juara dunia. Cassius Clay yang memeluk Islam setelah beliau menjadi juara tinju dunia dan dikenali sebagai Muhammad Ali bukan satu-satunya juara dunia yang beragama Islam.

24-28 July 2006- Malacca

23 July 06

This will me my fourth time visiting Malacca this year. The most I visited state in a year. As usual I stay at Seri Malaysia in Air Keroh. Seri Malaysia is a new hotel situated just after the Air Keroh toll plaza. I left Bukit Jalil at 5.25 PM and reached Air Keroh toll plaza at about 7.15 PM. It was a slow drive for me.

When I checked in there were a few guest I suppose because there were about 11 cars around. After my maghrib and isya’ prayer I went out to Melaka Raya to surf at the CASO. However I was not successful because there were no signal from the CASO terminal. My laptop just received three signals and the strength was low. Just about 5 Mbps. However all the three signals were password protected which mean it belong to an individual or business nearby. So, I can’t surf.

24 July 06

Went to Kompleks Belia dan Sukan to launch the course I am in Malacca for. After launching and briefings, my facilitator took over and I wen to Melaka Raya again to buy a hotspots reload card. To my dissapointment, there was not stock. The salesgirl asked me to buy a prepaidONE card which I refused. I hadbeen using PrepaidONE for about a year and found out it is not feasible for me. Jusy imagine all my top ups go into the master account which amount to about RM 145 and I can’t even use that money to buy a new topup card. I am in the dark of how to get back my money.

Then I realised that a friend of mine who is another facilitator will be coming, so I asked him to buy one.

At night a friend took us out for dinner at Subaidah Nasi Kandar in MITC and found out there is a broadband wireless zone. I knew that there are hotspots at MITC AnCasa Hotel and the MITC Exhibition Hall. During dinner I saw two guys on a laptop and its a sign that there are WiFi connection.

After dinner I went out again this tome armed with my laptop and viola!!, there are surfers outside the restauran perimeter and definitley they are on WiFi. Parked my car in the carpark of the restaurant and surfed away itill I ran out of battery. The good news is that one does not have to have a hotspots account to log on the internet. Its FREE. However getting connected is a bit of a problem. I was surfing from inside my car and I couldn’t check my Inbox on Yahoo mail. Only tha Bulk Folder can be accessed. I wonder whether Inbox is a filtered word since the WiFi is filtered. See the accompany picture where I can’t access my Inbox. I think the administrator must look into the matter. Its alright to access unnecessary websites but why email Inbox.

Orang Asli dan Sukan

Berita ini disiarkan dalam Harian Metro Sabtu, 22 Julai 2006.

Langkah mencari bakat di kalangan orang asli merupakan satu langkah yang baik kerana mereka sebagai sebahagian dari masyarakat Malaysia, tidak perlu disihkan daripada arus perdana sukan negara. Majlis Sukan Negara juga telah mengambil langkah untuk mencari bakat di kalangan orang asli melalui program Mencari Champoins.

Satu perkara yang kita perlu beri perhatian ialah dari aspek sosio budaya mereka. Persekitaran hidup mereka yang tidak sama dengan persekitaran di arena sukan perlu diambil kira. Saya pernah mendengar seorang jurulatih memberitahu saya yang dia ada seorang atlet orang asli tetapi atlet tersebtu tidak dapat menyesuaikan diri dengan persekitaran yang agak asing bagi mereka. Bayangkan mereka biasa tinggal di rumah yang sederhana dan mungkin serba kekurangan dan tiba-tiba dibawa untuk tinggal di hotel yang jauh keadaan di rumahnya. Sudah pasti dia akan rasa rimas dan tidak selesa.

Sebenarnya untuk mengambil atlet di kalangan orang asli perlu diberi perhatian yang lebih dari kalangan atlet golongan masyarakat lain. Kita tidak boleh samakan dengan Cathy Freemans, atlet orang asli Australia yang memenangi acara 400 meter dalam Olimpik Sydney. Adalah lebih baik untuk pelajari dari negara-negara lain bagaimana mereka tackle atlet orang asli di negara mereka.

Sememangnya anak-anak orang asli di negara kita adalah satu lagi kemungkinan untuk dicungkil bakat dan ketengahkan ke arena antarabangsa. Bawalah mereka ke dalam arus perdana.

Bolasepak Malaysia

Pastinya semua peminat sukan Malaysia terkejut dengan apa yang disarankan oleh YB. Datuk Abdul Gapur Salleh, ahli parlimen Kalabakan, meminta semua pihak dalam pengurusan FAM meletakkan jawatan. Saranan beliau sebenarnya boleh mewakili majoriti peminat bolasepak tanahair yang sudah keciwa dengan mutu pasukan bolasepak negara. Dalam tempoh sebulan ranking negara turun daripada 127 ke tangga 146 . Adakah ranking ini akan terus turun, sama-samalah kita tunggu dan lihat.

Sokongan penonton terhadap masukan Myteam yang menentang pasukan B20 negara juga satu lagi indikator yang menunjukkan peminat sudah muak dengan mutu pasukan negara. Mereka menyokong pasukan Myteam bukan bermakna mereka “menderhaka” kepada FAM tetapi satu isyarat agar FAM mengembalikan zaman kegemilangan bolasepak negara. Jutaan ringgit wang rakyat dihabiskan untuk membina pasukan kebangsaan tetapia hasilnya tidak seperti yang diharapkan.

Berikut ialah ranking negara-negara Asean seperti yang dikeluarkan oleh FIFA bagi bulan Julai 2006

Singapura 111
Thailand 113
Indonesia 139
Vietnam 141
Malaysia 146
Myanmar 163
Brunei 178
Laos 182
Cambodia 183
Philippines 192

Harian Metro keluaran Sabtu, 22 Julai 2006 membawa tajuk “Pemain Perlu berubah” oleh Lokman Zainol Abidin sememangnya adalah satu kebenaran. Sikap pemain sendiri yang begitu complacent bila dapat bermain untuk Liga Malaysia lalu membawa balik gaji yang lumayan yang tidak setimpal dengan kemahiran dan tahap permainan mereka. Pendedahan bermain dengan pasukan yang lebih baik di luar negara atau disamping pemain-pemain terbaik boleh membuka minda mereka dan tidak menjadi katak di bawah tempurong. Pemain-pemain negara merasakan mereka sudah menjadi pemain yang terbaik di negara ini dan tempat mereka sudah pasti ada di dalam pasukan kebangsaan.

Kalau kita membawa Plilippe Scolari sekalipun untuk melatih pasukan kebangsaan, belum tentu kita boleh menjadi juara di kalangan negara Asean, jika tidakpun Asia sekiranya sikap pemain masih tidak berubah. Bagi saya pemain kebangsaan kita tidak profesional walaupun bolasepak adalah profesion mereka.

More on HPTC in London

This summary was copied from The Star online posted on Sunday July 16 2006 under the heading ‘Holiday spot waiting to happen’ by Rajes Paul.

Aerial view of the proposed site of the High Performance Training Centerein Hertfordshire, London


  • SHORT-TERM training centre for groups of selected elite athletes;

  • STRATEGIC location – London is seen as the “gateway” to Europe – that will serve as a “forwarding base” for the national athletes;

  • THE field of coaching can be developed as there is a large pool of skilled coaches all over Europe. Cost factor will be minimised as opposed to bringing foreign coaches to Malaysia;

  • NSC spend RM2mil every year on sending athletes for overseas stints. Setting up the “sports hub” is expected to reduce the expenditure on overseas spending;

  • IT will be a home-away-from-home for the athletes;

  • LONG-TERM overseas stint under foreign expertise has brought success at the highest level for athletes like Nicol David, Ng Shu Wai, Josiah Ng, Noraseela Khalid, Ben Leong, Lim Keng Liat and Kevin Lim. Malaysia wants to give more athletes international exposure;

  • THE utilisation of existing facilities in and around the Hertfordshire area;

  • TO have joint programmes with schools, universities, sports agencies and clubs in London and Europe; and

  • THE centre is also about 20km away from the site of the London 2012 Olympic Games area.
  • Iraq Olympic Committee Kidnapped

    This news was posted on Yahoo News on July 15 2006

    BAGHDAD, Iraq – Gunmen kidnapped Iraq Olympic committe chief Iraq‘s Olympic committee and more than a dozen employees Saturday after storming a sports conference in Baghdad, police said. The kidnappers wore camouflage Iraqi police uniforms and security guards outside the meeting said they did not interfere because they thought the gunmen were legitimate law enforcement, police said.

    Ahmed al-Hijiya, president of the committee, was taken in the assault, which came a day after the coach of Iraq’s national wrestling team was killed by kidnappers, said police Lt. Thaer Mahmoud.

    Others taken Saturday included the deputy head of the Olympic committee, Ammar Jabbar al-Saadi; the chairman of the Taekwondo Federation, Jamal Abdul-Karim; and the chief of the Boxing Federation Union, Bashar Mustafa.

    Two guards were killed, one while trying to flee the building.

    Interior Minister Jawad al-Bolani told reporters that the kidnapping was carried out by “gangs” and not security forces.

    There were conflicting reports on the number of people taken but Maj. Gen. Adnan Thabet, commander of the ministry’s special forces, told The Associated Press that al-Hijiya and 20 others were kidnapped.

    The Sunni coach of Iraq’s national wrestling team, Mohammed Karim Abid Sahib, was seized with one of his wrestlers Thursday as they left a sports center to buy sweets in the northern neighborhood of Kazimiyah, where the team was preparing for a tournament.

    The coach was shot to death while trying to escape later in the day. The wrestler escaped, according to police and wrestling officials.

    The team pulled out of the tournament in the United Arab Emirates.

    In other violence, Iraqi soldiers and gunmen clashed in Baghdad, leaving at least three people dead and 11 wounded, police said.

    Seven people were injured in a mortar attack near Haifa Street in downtown Baghdad, blocks from the Green Zone, which houses U.S. and British embassies and the Iraqi government.

    Similar clashes broke out blocks away, injuring four and killing two civilians. U.S. troops sealed off the area after the attacks, said Iraqi Army Maj. Salman Abdul-Wahid.

    The area along Haifa Street has seen heavy violence in recent weeks, which prompted Iraqi leaders.

    Iraq’s parliament voted Saturday to extend a nearly two-year state of emergency in Baghdad for another 30 days. The violence along Haifa Street prompted the last extension.

    President Jalal Talabani called for establishment of a national front to prevent a sectarian civil war.

    Associated Press writer Bassem Mroue contributed to this report. atok vlog

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