Perlis 2006

I visited Kangar, Perlis from 25 June – 30 June 2006 for an assignment. Stayed at Putra Palace, the only primier hotel in Perlis. During my visit there is also the Karnival Sukan Badan Berkanun Malaysia housed at UiTM in Arau, Perlis about 15 km away from the capital, Kangar. As usual on all visits I will look for clock towers to add into my collection. One unique features on buildings in Kangar is there is a clock tower on them either on the building or monuments in the compound. The picture below shows the clock on the front of Putra Palace. I was told that the idea of having clock on all government buildings in Perlis is the idea of the Raja of Perlis.
The picture below is the clock tower at the state government compound in Kangar. According to the date it might have been built in 1358. That means the tower was there when the second world war broke out.