Pictures of Lumut – July 2006

Here are some pictures of Lumut town that I took on my last visit.

Picture 1- The greeting en route to Lumut Town

The new Lumut multi storey parking providing easy parking for those crossing over to Pulau Pangkor.

The main road of Lumut town.

The new Waterfront Promenade where tourist can buy products from the sea. Salted fish and other seafood produce.

The Promenade near the Lumut Jetty. The jetty is at the far end of this picture.

A square in front of the Waterfront Promenade. I think the concept is of the ribs of the dolphin, a mascot for Lumut (I guess so)

Lumut waterfront. Visitors can walk along the waterfront or jog or have a foot massage at the reflexology walk found in the area.

This fish is one of the product of Lumut and visitors can buy them salted.

The Marlin. Don’t know whether there are marlin fishing on the sea around Lumut.

The Marina
This monument is found at the West Wing park just near he marina.