Terengganu 2006

I left my house for Terengganu at about 8.15 pm on 9th July 2006 for another assignment. Another Sports Scinece course. As usual I will be in Kuala Terengganu for 5 days. Stop at Projet Station on before entering the KL-Karak Highway to buy some snacks and drinks. Bought a bottle of Pepsi Tarik, Ali Cafe Power Root (hope will be lucky to win some prize), two pack of Nasi Lemak Sharifah and peanuts. I started buying and eating peanut when I found out that biting peanuts while driving keeps me awake. But don’t know how long. People use to say if you want to keep yourself awake, drink coffee. What coffee? I have a habit of drinking thick balack coffee (inherited from my grandfather) and I don;t even feel awak at all. So if I gulp 1 litre of black coffee also I will feel sleepy when driving.

Tol at Gombak toll plaza is RM 4.00 and at the Karak Toll Plasa is RM 2.50. Rest at Temerloh R&R to perform my Isya prayer and then again at the Maran R&R. Just to give my old faithful car a rest. Called Batu Burok Resort to book a room but was told no vacancy. I choose Batu Burok Resort because they have hotspots wifi access and I need that. Then call Yen Tin Midtown and got a room for RM 93.00 a night. Ywn Tin also provide internet access, Streamyx.
Arrive Kuantan at about 12.20 pm and again rest until about 2.45 before driving to Kuala Terengganu again. As usual the road at night is clear except for some express bus and a few cars. Reached Kuala Terengganu at 5.20 in the morning and drive right to Batu Burok Resort. However decided not to park my car at the beach to rest and sleep since the beach is very empty. So park my car at the Primula Hotel car park and slept. Ahhh, sooo nice to close my eyes after a tiring night. Woke up at 7.30 a.m.

Drive straight to MSN Terengganu to bathe before launching the course. Checked in Yen Tin Midtown at about 1.00 pm.

Checked in room XXX. Saw the streamyx advertisement and called the reception to get more details. As usual the rate is RM 20.00 per day and I think it is not worth since I am not going to surf 24 hours a day. Then again the access is inly available on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Switched on my laptop and found two open access wifi. But only 1 bar available and signal is very low.

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