Destination Terengganu

14 July 2006 – Today is my last day in Kuala Terengganu and I will be heading back to Kuala Lumpur at noon. Finishec my work at MSN Terengganu. A friend took me to buy keropok lekor as buah tangan to take home. Checked out from Midtown and depart for Kuala Lumpur. This time I decided to be a tourist. Stop to tak a picture of a replica of “Batu Bersurat” at Bulatan Penyu (hope I got this right). The roundabout was once decorated with a big turtle and hence it is called bulatan penyu (turtle roundeabout). When the PAS government ruled Terengganu in before the present government, they dismantle the monument since it is against the teaching of Islam to have monuments in the form of live figures, be it human or animals. So thank to tha PAS government for pulling down the turtle monument. Or else the present BN government have to find another spot to place the replica of the Batu Bersurat.

Batu Bersurat is a historical artifact because it shows how far back Islam have come to the Malay Peninsular, especially Terengganu here.

On the way I stop for the Friday prayer at Rusila Mosque where the President of the Parti Islam Malaysia stays. Some people called Masjid Hj. Hadi. I was so fortunate that Hj. Hadi himself gave the sermon and thanks god, He ticks my heart to stop and pray at the mosque. After prayer bought three tabloids- Harakah, Siasah and Berita Keadilan (I have not bought and read these papers for sometimes due to difficulty to get one).

After leaving Rusila, I stop at Marang town just to see anything new around and get some guide on travelling to Gemia Island and Kapas Island.

On the way stop at Pantai Kemasik. Had one fish fried in flour and a glass of ice lemon tea. Pantai Kemasik is situated about 1 kilometre away from the Awana Kijal Beach Resort heding towards Kuala Terengganu.

Reached Kuantan at 6.56 and stop to have a cup of coffee at the famous Kemaman coffee at Kemaman Kopitiam. Had a cup of black coffee, a kaya bun toasted over charcoal fire and a pack of nasi dagang. All the items cost me RM 5.46.

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