24-28 July 2006- Malacca

23 July 06

This will me my fourth time visiting Malacca this year. The most I visited state in a year. As usual I stay at Seri Malaysia in Air Keroh. Seri Malaysia is a new hotel situated just after the Air Keroh toll plaza. I left Bukit Jalil at 5.25 PM and reached Air Keroh toll plaza at about 7.15 PM. It was a slow drive for me.

When I checked in there were a few guest I suppose because there were about 11 cars around. After my maghrib and isya’ prayer I went out to Melaka Raya to surf at the CASO. However I was not successful because there were no signal from the CASO terminal. My laptop just received three signals and the strength was low. Just about 5 Mbps. However all the three signals were password protected which mean it belong to an individual or business nearby. So, I can’t surf.

24 July 06

Went to Kompleks Belia dan Sukan to launch the course I am in Malacca for. After launching and briefings, my facilitator took over and I wen to Melaka Raya again to buy a hotspots reload card. To my dissapointment, there was not stock. The salesgirl asked me to buy a prepaidONE card which I refused. I hadbeen using PrepaidONE for about a year and found out it is not feasible for me. Jusy imagine all my top ups go into the master account which amount to about RM 145 and I can’t even use that money to buy a new topup card. I am in the dark of how to get back my money.

Then I realised that a friend of mine who is another facilitator will be coming, so I asked him to buy one.

At night a friend took us out for dinner at Subaidah Nasi Kandar in MITC and found out there is a broadband wireless zone. I knew that there are hotspots at MITC AnCasa Hotel and the MITC Exhibition Hall. During dinner I saw two guys on a laptop and its a sign that there are WiFi connection.

After dinner I went out again this tome armed with my laptop and viola!!, there are surfers outside the restauran perimeter and definitley they are on WiFi. Parked my car in the carpark of the restaurant and surfed away itill I ran out of battery. The good news is that one does not have to have a hotspots account to log on the internet. Its FREE. However getting connected is a bit of a problem. I was surfing from inside my car and I couldn’t check my Inbox on Yahoo mail. Only tha Bulk Folder can be accessed. I wonder whether Inbox is a filtered word since the WiFi is filtered. See the accompany picture where I can’t access my Inbox. I think the administrator must look into the matter. Its alright to access unnecessary websites but why email Inbox.

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