Pembangunan Sukan Tanpa Ideologi Politik

Berita ini terdapat dalam Harakahdaily Bil 1315 20 Jamadilakhir – 5 Rejab 1427 /16-31 Julai 2006. Saya ingin berkongsi dengan pembaca kerana berita macam ni tidak ada dalamakhbar arus perdana.

KOTA BHARU: Kerajan negeri sentiasa memberi kerjasama kepada mana-mana pihak bagi membangunkan bidang sukan di negeri ini tanpa mengambil kira ideologi politik.

Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Wanita, Belia dan Sukan, Abdul Fatah
Mahmood berkata, adalah menjadi matlamat kerajaan negeri tidak menjadikan halangan politik bagi pembangunan sukan di Kelantan.

“Kerajaan negeri sedia memberi kerjasama dengan mana-mana pihak untuk memaju da membangunkan lgi bidang sukan di negeri ini,” katanya di majlis Penghargaan Atlet Sukma Kelantan 2006, di sebuah hotel di sini baru-baru ini.

Pada majlis berkenaan, pemenang pingat diberi insentif sebanyak RM1,000, pingat perak RM500 dan gangsa RM250.

A Training Centre in England

The hotest topic after the recently concluded World Cup is probably the government’s plan to set up a training centre in Hertfordshire, UK. The project iniated by the Minister of Youth and Sports, YB. Datuk Azalina Othman Said sparkes a debate among Malaysian. From what I read majority is against the idea. Well, to spend RM 490 million on a training centre in foreign land can be view of wasting the tax payers money. We can ask how many Malaysia athletes can benefit from that project. How many Malaysian coaches can learn from foreign coaches based at the centre. If the returns is not worth the spending then I think better scrap the idea. Just imagine how many more sports facilities can be build with that RM40m and if the facility can’t produce wiorld champions at least the people who pay tax and vote for the present government benefit from it.

As someone who works in the sports industry , and being a former coach, I see that training oversea can be beneficial to our athletes since they are more exposed to high class competetitions. Our tops class athletes have no good sparring partner in the country and hence need more exposure. To be a winner is to adapt to a competitors level of skill. To spar with the best partner who is way below his level of skills and experience will do no good to an athlete.

I think the government will look at the proposed idea again and build that facilities at home or use the available facilities (said to be world class), bring foreign coaches and expertise (if needed), bring high class sparring partner (promoting sport tourism). More people can learn this way.

The Beginning

This is my first post for this blog. I create this blog to share my views about sport and its related activities. My view might not be right but thats what I see. Sport is one of the most talked about topic wherever in the world and especially when there is some world class sporting activities in goin on. Just like the world cup has changed Malaysian’s soccer fans lifestyle temporarily. Sport has been part of humans needs and desire. Its an activity to relief stress, promoting a healthy lifestyles, becoming glamoruous etc., etc., etc.,

Thog blog might either be in English or Bahasa Malaysia depending my emotions during the time of writing.

Please be aware that this is just my view and how I see it from my perspective.

Destination Terengganu

14 July 2006 – Today is my last day in Kuala Terengganu and I will be heading back to Kuala Lumpur at noon. Finishec my work at MSN Terengganu. A friend took me to buy keropok lekor as buah tangan to take home. Checked out from Midtown and depart for Kuala Lumpur. This time I decided to be a tourist. Stop to tak a picture of a replica of “Batu Bersurat” at Bulatan Penyu (hope I got this right). The roundabout was once decorated with a big turtle and hence it is called bulatan penyu (turtle roundeabout). When the PAS government ruled Terengganu in before the present government, they dismantle the monument since it is against the teaching of Islam to have monuments in the form of live figures, be it human or animals. So thank to tha PAS government for pulling down the turtle monument. Or else the present BN government have to find another spot to place the replica of the Batu Bersurat.

Batu Bersurat is a historical artifact because it shows how far back Islam have come to the Malay Peninsular, especially Terengganu here.

On the way I stop for the Friday prayer at Rusila Mosque where the President of the Parti Islam Malaysia stays. Some people called Masjid Hj. Hadi. I was so fortunate that Hj. Hadi himself gave the sermon and thanks god, He ticks my heart to stop and pray at the mosque. After prayer bought three tabloids- Harakah, Siasah and Berita Keadilan (I have not bought and read these papers for sometimes due to difficulty to get one).

After leaving Rusila, I stop at Marang town just to see anything new around and get some guide on travelling to Gemia Island and Kapas Island.

On the way stop at Pantai Kemasik. Had one fish fried in flour and a glass of ice lemon tea. Pantai Kemasik is situated about 1 kilometre away from the Awana Kijal Beach Resort heding towards Kuala Terengganu.

Reached Kuantan at 6.56 and stop to have a cup of coffee at the famous Kemaman coffee at Kemaman Kopitiam. Had a cup of black coffee, a kaya bun toasted over charcoal fire and a pack of nasi dagang. All the items cost me RM 5.46.

Kuala Terengganu In Pictures

These are pictures I took of Kuala Terengganu.
The clock tower at the Esplanade I think somewhere near Losong

Entrance to Istana Maziah

The Sultan Mahmud bridge seen from the Esplanade

Lighthouse (?) and maybe now it doesn’t serve any function since it is hidden and located far inland already.

Preparation for celebrating the Sultan of Terengganu’s birthday

Fishingis a past time at the Astaka esplanade

Terengganu 2006

I left my house for Terengganu at about 8.15 pm on 9th July 2006 for another assignment. Another Sports Scinece course. As usual I will be in Kuala Terengganu for 5 days. Stop at Projet Station on before entering the KL-Karak Highway to buy some snacks and drinks. Bought a bottle of Pepsi Tarik, Ali Cafe Power Root (hope will be lucky to win some prize), two pack of Nasi Lemak Sharifah and peanuts. I started buying and eating peanut when I found out that biting peanuts while driving keeps me awake. But don’t know how long. People use to say if you want to keep yourself awake, drink coffee. What coffee? I have a habit of drinking thick balack coffee (inherited from my grandfather) and I don;t even feel awak at all. So if I gulp 1 litre of black coffee also I will feel sleepy when driving.

Tol at Gombak toll plaza is RM 4.00 and at the Karak Toll Plasa is RM 2.50. Rest at Temerloh R&R to perform my Isya prayer and then again at the Maran R&R. Just to give my old faithful car a rest. Called Batu Burok Resort to book a room but was told no vacancy. I choose Batu Burok Resort because they have hotspots wifi access and I need that. Then call Yen Tin Midtown and got a room for RM 93.00 a night. Ywn Tin also provide internet access, Streamyx.
Arrive Kuantan at about 12.20 pm and again rest until about 2.45 before driving to Kuala Terengganu again. As usual the road at night is clear except for some express bus and a few cars. Reached Kuala Terengganu at 5.20 in the morning and drive right to Batu Burok Resort. However decided not to park my car at the beach to rest and sleep since the beach is very empty. So park my car at the Primula Hotel car park and slept. Ahhh, sooo nice to close my eyes after a tiring night. Woke up at 7.30 a.m.

Drive straight to MSN Terengganu to bathe before launching the course. Checked in Yen Tin Midtown at about 1.00 pm.

Checked in room XXX. Saw the streamyx advertisement and called the reception to get more details. As usual the rate is RM 20.00 per day and I think it is not worth since I am not going to surf 24 hours a day. Then again the access is inly available on the 2nd and 3rd floor. Switched on my laptop and found two open access wifi. But only 1 bar available and signal is very low.

Felcra Lekir Ikan Bakar (A Seafood outlet)

Went to dinner at Felcra Lekir Seafood about 15 minutes drive away from Teluk Batik Resort. It is situated at a Felcra settlement and you have to drive past Kampung Koh.

Ikan Gerut-gerut dish

Sabar dong

No! This is not another dish. Both pics show an inovative idea to have a washroom built in a large tree stump. The concept of this eating outlet is the trees. Only that customers don’t eat trees.

Pictures of Lumut – July 2006

Here are some pictures of Lumut town that I took on my last visit.

Picture 1- The greeting en route to Lumut Town

The new Lumut multi storey parking providing easy parking for those crossing over to Pulau Pangkor.

The main road of Lumut town.

The new Waterfront Promenade where tourist can buy products from the sea. Salted fish and other seafood produce.

The Promenade near the Lumut Jetty. The jetty is at the far end of this picture.

A square in front of the Waterfront Promenade. I think the concept is of the ribs of the dolphin, a mascot for Lumut (I guess so)

Lumut waterfront. Visitors can walk along the waterfront or jog or have a foot massage at the reflexology walk found in the area.

This fish is one of the product of Lumut and visitors can buy them salted.

The Marlin. Don’t know whether there are marlin fishing on the sea around Lumut.

The Marina
This monument is found at the West Wing park just near he marina.

Bakau D Muara

Went for dinner at a place called D Muara, situated at mile 8 Lekir, Manjung. The place is a bit hidden and rom the road you will not see the restaurant. For your landmark the road leading to the restaurant is just between the mosque and the brodge on the right if you come from Manjung.
Another landmark you have to be aware is the Pusat Giat Mara on the left before reaching the mosque.

I was surprise upon reaching the reataurant because there are many cars that shows many customers.

Seashell Collection- Telok Batik Beach Resort

These are pictures of seashell collection found at the lobby of Teluk Batik Beach Resort, Perak. It seems that this resort has created an identity for themselves by using seashells as decorations.

I admire the above pic because the design created is simply fantastic. Thats Allah’s creation. atok vlog

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