Penang August 2006

6 August 2006
Left my house fore Penang at 5.25 p.m. As usual entered the highway through Bukit Lanjan Toll and exit Tanjung Malim. Toll is just RM 9.50. There was a road block manned by the police at Behrang which is very unusual (for me) . Usually there are no road block at the place after travelling the stretch since the last 5 years.

Stop for dinner at a restaurant in Tapah (near the masjid). There are two reataurant at the building opposite the Masjid Jamek Tapah. I took the wrong restaurant after being deceived by the rows of dished on the rack. The food is a bit stale. Usually I eat at the other restaurant, nearer to the masjid. Food is better over there.

Entered the highway again with the intention of stopping ar Tapah R&R to log on to the internet since there is wireless connectivity. However I made the wrong entry since the R&R is before the Tapah exit towards the North. Stop at Sungai Perak R&R and there is also Broadband wierless connectivity there. I tried to surf from my car but to my dissapointment, there is no signal. Maybe the terminal is at the food court and is not reacheable from the car park. Hope the operator can increase the signal strength so that surfing can be done at the car park. The best thing (from the advert) it is Free and 24 hours.

On the way slept at the Gunong Semanggol R&R till 5.30 a.m. After my Suboh prayer, took off and reached the Peang Bridge at about 8.00 a.m. Oh, my god. jam….. the traffic snarl started jst before the toll plaza. One of the reason is the construction taking place where part of the lanes were closed and created a bottlebeck. The jam continues after the toll plaza and traffic is slow moving until the middle part of the bridge. Now the reason being an accident that happen on the other side of the bridge.

Went straight to Majlis Sukan Pulau Pinang and begin work.

Checked in at Continental Hotel on Penang Road. The room rate is RM 80.50 nett for a single standard and on the old wing. Rate for the new wing is RM 98.00 nett. The two pictures is the room that I stayed.

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