Lorong Kulit -Pasar Karat

Lorong Kulit beside the Penang City Stadium is where you can find new and old items. From modern day shirt and pants, fruits, cakes, pirated CD and VCD and DVDs to antiques and discarded items. The open market is open daily from morning till noon.

According to a friend this open market was at Rope Walk in the city centre but was moved to the present place. Antique hunters can visit the market daily and hunt what they need.

Penang August 2006 Part II

Soup Ekor (Oxtail soup)
Went out for an early dinner and a must for me when visiting Penang is the mamak’s oxtail soup. The difference between the mamak’s ox tail soup and the Malay ‘sup ekor‘ is the thickness of the soup. The mamak cook a thicker soup compared the Malay. The soup can be taken with bread. Just dip the bread into the soup and eat it that way. I don’t know other place whether there is a more tastier soup. I only knew of the Hameed’s Nasi Kandar Soup just in front of the hotel where I stay (Continental). To be more exact it is opposite Hotel Malaysia next to where I stay.

What’s so special about oxtail soup? Well, it is related to men who wants to improve his libido especially his male organ. The rationale? I don’t know. Just guess, the tail of the ox wiggles non stop, so if a man eats it, his organ can wiggle non stop too. Thats my theory. LOL.

A bowl of oxtail soup at Hemeed’s is RM5.50.

Pulau Pinang dan Sukma 2008

Sukma Kedah XI di Kedah Darul Aman baru sahaja selesai dilaksanakan pada bulan Mei 2006. Namun demikian Pulau Pinang sudah pun gerakkan jenteranya untuk menghadapi SUKMA XII di Terengganu pada tahun 2008. Ini adalah satu contoh perancangan jangka panjang yang telah dilaksanakan oleh Pulau Pinang.

Perancangan sebegini adalah penting kerana untuk mencapai kejayaan dalam sukan. Untuk menjadi cemerlang bukannya berlaku ‘overnight’.
Periodisasi latihan perlu dirancang agar atlet mencapai ‘peak’ pada masa yang disasarkan.

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