Community Sports

The Ministry of Youth and Sports effort to promote Community Sports League should be commended since its a positive effort to make sports a culture in Malaysia. Until sports become a culture only we have diverse talent at grassroot to be selected and train for high performance. However we hope this program is not another activity for political mileage. There must be follow-up so that the event is not a seasonal one just like sports in schools. Let us all hope this league is not another Rakan Sukan which was implemented a few years ago. Whenever a new minister hold the office he will come up with a new programme and forget out what has been done by the previous minister.

Pesta Bola Merdeka

So the Pesta Bola Merdeka is back and so unfortunate I only knew tha kicik off is today 23 August 2006. Well, so quiet and not much publicity. If I do not read the paper, I would have not know that there is a tournament. However lets hope with this event, our football ranking can move up a few rank from the present 148 (August Ranking)


23/8/06: Myanmar v Thailand (6.30pm), MALAYSIA v Indonesia (8.45pm); 25/8/06 : Indonesia v Myanmar (6.30pm), Thailand v MALAYSIA (8.45pm);
27/8/06: Thailand v Indonesia (6.30pm), MALAYSIA v Myanmar (8.45pm);
29/8/06: FINAL (8.30pm)