FAM to Doha 2006

The latest news is that our football team will be in Doha for the Asian Games. As usual they do not qualify on merit but they are going to pay their own passage and will be reimbursed if they come back with a medal.

We all want to see Malaysia’s ranking in the world go up the ladder and if the team do not participate in any high class tournament how can they do that. FAM has tried with the recently concluded Merdeka Cup by inviting the higher ranked teams so that we can collect more points to improve the ranking. After the Merdeka Cup, I think the next opportunity for FAM to answer the fans call is the Asian Games in December. So let us hope our boys will deliver in Doha. However vwe curse our players and the FAM management, we must still stand behind them. Football is still the peoples game.

I would like to quote what Tony Mariadass wrote in Malaysian Today dated August 29-31 August 2006 “Predictions can be made, but there is no gaurantee in sports”

The Tram in Penang- Its History

Penang once had trams as a means of transport for the inslanders. The line ply in the city centre and I can remember had the opportunity to ride on when I was a little boy. It was electrically powered with overhead electrical cables vertically above the tram lines. I am not sure when the tram was stopped but its was an unfortunate move. Should it be retain, the tram can be one of the attraction for tourist. Just like on Kowloon Island, Tram still freey passengers across the island.

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