Langkawi Cable Car

Langkawi Cable Car is the latest addition a tourist must list out in their itenary. It is situated on the eastern side of the island. Nearby attractions is Pantai Kok, Datai and Oriental Village (where the base station is). The ride up to the top station is a thrill where you can see the lush green equatorial forest all the way up to the top station.

From the base station the cable ascends up past two towers and then up to the middle station. The incline is technically 42° according to the brochure, but the ride from the second tower up to the middle station feels almost like a vertical climb just a few feet away from the vertical rock face of the mountain.

On the way up to the middle station, you get a good view of the Telaga Tujuh (‘Seven Wells’) waterfall just north of the cable car line. The cable car was built without constructing any roads through the jungle. All the materials were lifted into place using helicopters.

At the middle station, having climbed 650 meters (about 2,150 feet) up from sea level, you can alight from the car to take in the view, or stay in the gondola while it makes a nearly 90° turn to head up to the top station. If you elect to step off, you can catch another gondola up to the top station on the other side of the control booth.

If you’ve managed to keep your lunch down on the way to the middle station, then the trip to the top station is easy. From the top you can see much of the island, its surrounding islands, and even Tarutao Island in Thailand to the north.

There is a small snack bar at the top station, which has a rather space-age look with its round viewing platforms.

Once at the top do not miss the opportunity to walk across the curved bridge suspended by a single truss. The bridge will give you another breathtaking view. To get to the bridge you have to walk about 500 metres down from the top station. atok vlog

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