Hong Kong via Macau – Memories

On 23rd February 2006 I left for Hong kong to attend a Sports Conference at Sports House. Since it was on my own budget, I fly Airasia to Macau which is cheaper compared on MAS direct to Hong Kong. Thats my first visit to Macau, which was under Portuguese administration till 1999.

However when the plane entered Macau airspace, it can’t land because the landing strip and area around the airport is very foggy and the landing strip is not visible. Passengers were informed that we have to land at Hong Kong International Airport. Of course we can’t leave the plane and it was parked somewhere in the middle of nowhere at the airport (pic on right). Nobody leaves the plane because Airasia has no landing right in Hong Kong and if passenger embark they will be charged with trafficking illegal immigrants. So we have to sit in the plane. I think we landed at about 10.30 in the morning and only leave the airport at 3.00 in the afternoon. All that while I just had a bowl of maggi, can of coke and cheese sandwich. Only the sandwich is free. The rest I have to buy.

I read from the internet that I don’t have to leave the airport but can go straight to Hong Kong by ferry via the airport. Upon landing at the airport, I walk direct to the express link gate but then I was asked for the ticket. Well, I don’t know where to buy the ticket. So the officer asked me to go through the immigration check point and exit the airport.

I think I was lucky because then I can step foot on Macau. I go through the immigration (no need for a visa). Right outside I took a bus that goes to the ferry terminal. Of course I can see Macau as the bus go around and into the city. The ferry to Hong Kong took about an hour.

In Hong Kong I stayed at a hotel that I booked online at USD 95 per night and the room that I stayed is pictured right. Small and cramped. A small single bed with attached bathroom. The actual room is not like what they advertise on the internet.

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