Low Cost Carrier Terminal – KL LCCT

5 December 2006 was my first time patronising the new Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT). I was on my way to board a flight to Sandakan, Sabah on Air Asia. I have heard grouses about the new terminal in her initial opening stage but I think things has been settled. I was surprise the moment I arrived at the terminal. I did not expect to see so many people around. Upon entering the terminal, what came into my mind is the terminal is getting smaller and smaller. I don’t think the terminal can cater the needs of passengers with comfort in the near future. Low Cost Carrier is gaining popularity among low budget traveller and therefore the LCCT will be over crowded very soon. It was open barely a year now and is getting crowded already.
What I could see its only Air Asia operating at the terminal and when more Low cost carriers make their way to the LCCT it will be smaller still. After checking in which is very easy as one has just to show the ID, I head to lobby for something to eat. There’s Asian Kitchen, McDonalds and Coffee Beans. The Asian Kitchen is full and I wonder how crowded it will be during the festive seasons. They are signs that the MAB has to act fast to cater for the rising needs of air travellers especially with the coming of Visit Malaysia Year 2007, which is just round the corner.

Departure Lounge for domestic flights. There’s a convenience shoppe, a refreshment outlet and shoe outlet. More shops is coming in the way

The Domestic Check-in counters

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