First Travel in 2007 and FREE WiFi

This is my first travel on official duty in 2007. Started on 16th Mac 2007 and the trip is to Alor Setar, Kedah. A normal 5 hour journey took me thirteen and a half hours. Well of course including sleeping in the car along the journey. I will stop at RnR to sleep whenever my eyes couldn’t stand it anymore. A three lane on the highway appears to be four and sometimes merge into one. So rather than meeting any consequences I better park my car and sleep.

In Alor Setar, I stayed at the Kedah Institute of Management accommodations at Jalan Sultanah. The Institute was set up by the Kedah State Government to upgrade the knowledge and efficiency of the public sectors.

After my duty in Alor Star completes, I move down to Ipoh. Stayed at Park City Hotel which is nearby the Perak Sports Complex. The hotel is a budget hotel but room is spacious and the rate is affordable. I took a Superior room on the new block at RM98.00. Another plus for staying in the hotel is that it provide free wifi internet which is available at the lobby. The last time I stayed at the hotel I can manage to access the internet from my room. However the signal is quite weak and I could hardly get 54Mbps. Just enough to get connected to the internet .

This time around I stayed at the 6th floor and could get access from a few spots of the JARING-Redsnapper. I am not sure who provide the FREE access but I think its the Perak Government initiavites to set up that coverage. It I am correct then this is the third effort by the governement to setu up FREE internet access for the public. One is at MITC in Air Keroh, Malacca. Then the Sarawak Government is doing the same for Miri resident.

I think I can lift my hat to the Perak State Government for providing this FREE access. Even this blog is written and posted from Tapah RnR along the North South Highway (PLUS) which is also FREE. This is one of the FREE wifi access zone along the highway. Another one is at the Sungai Perak RnR.

It is high time that the government provide FREE internet access at all government buildings to boost the internet usage capacity and spur Malaysian to be more computer literate and internet savvy. The internet is an ocean of knowledge which is waiting to be harvested and tapped.

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