Bastion Santiago, Malacca

I cant remember how many times I have visited Malacca, since my school days and now when traveling on my official duty. When we talk about the history of Malacca one will never forget A Formosa, the remains of the entrance to the Portuguese fort. However this time i had the opportunity to see something new, the Bastion Santiago, which was discovered during the construction of Dataran Pahlawan nearby. The bastion is about 100 metres away from the A Formosa.

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1 – 6 April Labuan

Labuan is an island that was once part of Sabah and ceded to the Federal Government in 1984 converting it into a Federal Territory (other Federal Territories are Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya). The island has an areaa of 92km square and was made into an offshore financial centre.
The town of Labuan was called Victoria and is is an easy going life. Living in Labuan is not as hectic as living in other towns and cities of Malaysia therefore giving it a motto of …to live and relax. Main economic activies is trading.

When in Labuan I stayed at Sara Hotel in the heart of the town being the reason there’ s TMnet hotspots. One can get access to the internet using hotspots from the lobby but if you re lucky enough to stay in rooms on the first floor nearest to the lobby, you might get access from the room. I stayed in room 105 and get a weak signal. However I can get logged on to the net and that was a 24 hours connection.

Another reason is the next to the hotel is the Restoran Malindo for your decent meals. Labuan tourist information centre is about a hundred metres away from the hotel. If you love night life Labuan is a place to be.

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