Seafood Again – Sandakan

I have written a blog about steamboat some times ago and this blog is again about seafood and steamboat. This time my experience in Sandakan, Sabah. One of the famous seafood restaurant in Sandakan is Ocean King Seafood Restaurant, 7km outside Sandakan on the front overlooking the sea. At the restaurant you can see for yourself the live fish and other sea food items reared in cages and in the water. Its the natural sea water and the free moving water that will give the food a natural taste compares those reared in aquariums or ponds.

The restaurant were built over the shore into the Sandakan Bay and while dining you can feel the fresh breeze from the sea. To go to Ocean King you can take Leila Road and go towards the West.

On another night I was taken to another food feast and this time steamboat at Tropical Garden situated on Trig Hill. As at other steamboat restaurant, diners have the choice to choose what food to boil and eat. I was told that steamboat is available only on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. The price is RM15 per head but don’t waste food because you will be charged for that according to per gram you wasted.

Dining here gives you a beautiful view overlooking Bandar Leila and Sandakan Bay dotted with lights glittering from ships anchoring on the bay.

Author: zaharibb

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