After five days in Miri its time to go home. My flight was MH 2593 on MAS. I had requested earlier for seat 27A which is on th portside. If you on one of the lucky flight between East Malaysia and West Malaysia, you will have the opportunity to see the Natuna Islands along the way. Natuna belongs to Indonesia and I was surprised that there inhabitants on the island in the South China Sea since its quite far away from Jakarta. Pictures in this blog was taken while on flight except the full aerial view of the island (right) which was downloaded from the net.
A Fly Asian Xpress (FAX) plane that had just landed

Access point in the waiting lounge at Miri Airport. Access is 10 cents per minute and I wonder is there anybody who use the facilities. Its FREE in Changi and other airports. (Hey, thats my trolley bag in the foreground)
Oil platform off the shore of Miri.

My meal of fried rice with prawns and beans. Its very tasty

Natuna Island

Signs that show that there is inhabitants

Another part of the island

KLIA – About to touch down. Think this my first time touching down from this side.


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  1. I’ll bear in mind 2 watch out 4 Natuna Island d nxt tm I travel.. 😉

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