Labuan – Here I am again

This is my third time been Labuan this year. I was here in March and the second time was in Jun and now again. What I wonder is that the occupancy rate in Labuan is very high and I found it dificult to secure a hotel room. Whenever I am in Labuan I use to stay at Sara Hotel which is very convenient due to its location which is about central in this off-shore financial centre. It is walking distance to the shopping area, the ferry terminal or the Financial Park or Ujana Kewangan. The tourist information centre is just about 30 metres away from the hotel. Next to the hotel is a restaurant, Malindo Restaurant that cater Halal food for muslims.

However as I had mentioned earlier, I can’t secure a room ata Sara because its full, so a friend of mine goes round the town and finally got a room at Sky Global. The hotel is situated just beside a disco and luckily it was not as noisiy as I had anticipated. If one have been to Labuan surely they will have heard of the name Popin. The room at Sky Global (where I stayed) is quite small and movement inside the room is a bit restricted. I just remember of a room that I stayed in Hong Kong for RM 90.00 and just have a walking room just one half of my body. There’s a single bed, the locker at the headboard of the room and the bathroom next to it. So whenever I am in the room, he best place o be is on the bed.

I consider room rate at Sky Global is expensive taking into account of its size and facilities. I have to pay RM 88.00 for that room. Luckily another friend of mine get me another room at Hotel Labuan 2 which is usually fully booked and this hotel is very near to the place where I will be conducting my course. The place where I will be conducting the course is Labuan Training Centre which is just across the road. So I don’t have to trouble my firnd to come and fetch me and take me back after my duty. Room rate is RM 98.00 with complimentary breakfast for 1 and he size is twice as big as Sky Global and more comfortable. I will try to upload some picture when I go back home this Friday.

Weather in Labuan this time is considered very hot.

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