I Got Lat Tag

When I was flying back to Kuala Lumpur from Labuan last week, I came across MAS’s advertisement in the newspaper while reading it in flight. It was about the cartoonist Lat Tag which is going to be a competition for the tag holder. The tag can be claimed by Enrich members either new applicants or those who is already a member. So upon arrival at KLIA, I proceed to the Encrich counter and claim my tag.
There were four designs altogether and I chose the batik motif. But I wonder is why there no tag that depict the Malay soceity. There is Indian and Chinese culture while the other two design is of a durian and the batik.

I Stayed at Renaissance, Melaka

From 25 till 27th August I stayed at the Renaissance Hotel, in Malacca. It was my second stay at the hotel. The first was sometimes back in 1997 for 5 nights.

Well, making a comeback is really nostalgic. What I love being back in Renaissance is the food. After all these years of travelling and staying in hotels, I rate food at the Renaissance 5/5. I was tempted to taste all that was on the table but my stomach can just accommodate a certain amount of food only. I think the hotel should praise the chef for their cooking.

I will post pic which is still in my camera.