Three Layer Tea at Kuching Waterfront

Kuching Waterfront is D place to hang around at night. Sit and relax at night. Food stalls are available with fast food and western food and drinks. When I was there I found an interesting popular drink that is teh tarik. It is not the taste but the preparation of the tea drink caught my attention. Kuchingites call it as three layer teh tarik since during the presentation on your table you can see three layers of the drink in the glass. The lower layer is the milk middle layer tea and the top is its foamy bubble.
The place to ask for this teh tarik is My Kampungku Dot com and easy to locate because it has an amber sign board.

However if you want to try preparing it yourself at home visit HERE for the recipe and how to.

Batu Feringghi Night Market

Penang has been known as the “Pearl of the Orient”. It was stated in history books as been founded by Sir Francis Light but recent disviceries shows that there has been inhabitants before his arrival.

If you want to buy a condom for your eyes then go to the night market at Baru Feringghi.

Harbour View – Kuching

Harbour view hotel is one of the most convenient place to stay when you are in Kuching if you are looking for a cheaper alternative place to sleep. Located at Temple street it is near to the waterfront and market street where one can buy local Sarawak handicraft. I was told that the hotel is a favourite for visitors from West Malaysia and one must pre book because it usually full house.
There is also Free WiFi for guest and you can ask for the password from the reception. However during my stay I can’t get logged on to the network and the problem is with my laptop not the service I think. However since I subscribe to Celcom Broadband, I have nothing to regret about not being able to get connected to their network. The only thing is that Celcom’s signal is not very stable and speed is slow.

Rooms are with breakfast and I can tell that food is excellent and on a rating of 5 I can give 4.5. However there is not much choice for breakfast but with a hotel like it, what more can we expect.

Taxi’s is always available and if you want cheaper meals for your lunch or dinner, there’s a Malay restaurant just at the back of the hotel. Its Molly’s Place and serve excellent Malay food with a reasonable price. Five to ten minutes (depend on your walking speed) away is the waterfront, D place to hang at night. There’s food stall but price is quite expensive. Just sit and enjoy a glass of teh tarik. Read more here.

The single standard room with one single bed

The view from my room. Sarawak River and the istana in the background. The dome shaped building in the background is the Kuching North Local Council

If you are a night owl, nightlife is just five minutes away from the hotel. Cafes and Bistro can be found along the road opposite The Hilton. Walk out of the hotel and go left. Walk up the hill and the next junction is the place. If you are the kinky type, you might find transvestites as company (LOL) over there.

ERL Advertisement on ERL

I was traveling back from KLIA to Bandar Tasik Selatan station on the ERL one day when I caught something to blog on. On the ERL train compartments there is a monitor that screens advertisements which turn out toe e quite boring. One advertisement that is to inform travelers that to get to the city it is better to take the ERL. Hmm,, ERL ads on the train and telling passengers that its better using the ERL. I think this is a bit silly. Ads are to inform people to buy or use the product. So, whats the purpose of that particular ad when the target is already using one.

They should have screen more fruitful advertisement about Malaysia for example, local etiquette, places of interest, promote local cultures instead of the boring ERL advert. Maybe during my journey, it was not on the schedule.

Kuala Perlis- Gateway To Langkawi

Kuala Perlis is one of the small towns on the West Coast of West Malaysia. Its also one of the entry point from the sea for people from Southern Thailand. The life of Kuala Perlis depend mostly on the tourist travelling to Langkawi since it is one of the gateway to the Legendary island. Another one is Kuala Kedah further south.

There are two well established hotels for tourist or travellers to Kuala Perlis that is Putra Brasmana and Kuala Perlis Seaview. There is WiFi connection if one stayed at Putra Brasmana.

If you want to experience fresh Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) then drop by at Kuala Perlis. Since it is also one of the landing point for fish, Ikan Bakar restaurants serve fresh fish to suit your taste bud. atok vlog

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