Kuala Perlis- Gateway To Langkawi

Kuala Perlis is one of the small towns on the West Coast of West Malaysia. Its also one of the entry point from the sea for people from Southern Thailand. The life of Kuala Perlis depend mostly on the tourist travelling to Langkawi since it is one of the gateway to the Legendary island. Another one is Kuala Kedah further south.

There are two well established hotels for tourist or travellers to Kuala Perlis that is Putra Brasmana and Kuala Perlis Seaview. There is WiFi connection if one stayed at Putra Brasmana.

If you want to experience fresh Ikan Bakar (grilled fish) then drop by at Kuala Perlis. Since it is also one of the landing point for fish, Ikan Bakar restaurants serve fresh fish to suit your taste bud.