ERL Advertisement on ERL

I was traveling back from KLIA to Bandar Tasik Selatan station on the ERL one day when I caught something to blog on. On the ERL train compartments there is a monitor that screens advertisements which turn out toe e quite boring. One advertisement that is to inform travelers that to get to the city it is better to take the ERL. Hmm,, ERL ads on the train and telling passengers that its better using the ERL. I think this is a bit silly. Ads are to inform people to buy or use the product. So, whats the purpose of that particular ad when the target is already using one.

They should have screen more fruitful advertisement about Malaysia for example, local etiquette, places of interest, promote local cultures instead of the boring ERL advert. Maybe during my journey, it was not on the schedule.

Author: zaharibb

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