Feasting Time

School holidays use to be a food fair for many parents, men and ladies who are starting a family. There will be “kenduri kahwin” here and there and not even the present flood hamper the once in a life time occasion for every man and women. For others it is also time to taste different nasi minyak from different communities.
I am on what can be called year end holiday back in Alor Setar to celebrate Eid ul Adh and the Christmas holidays which falls just 5 days apart. Today went for a friend’s kenduri who is receiving his daughter in law at Kuala Perlis. It was a fishing village community situated across the Sungai Perlis.

After the Kenduri at Kuala Perlis visited a friend at Kangar before going back to Alor Setar along Jalan Putra. On the way I stop at a stall in Mergong. There use to be a nice Nasi Kandar stall operated by an ex student of mine. I never miss the Hameed Nasi Kandar and Abang Nasi Tomato in front of Mergong Maybank whenever I come back to Alor Setar. The stall is just next to Shell station on the way to Alor Setar and after SMK Tunku Abdul Rahman in Mergong. If you travel from the city centre, take Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra and drive across the Jambatan Manjalara towards Kangar.

I saw one Mee Jamal which was quite a familiar name when I also never miss the Mee Jamal which was once selling near Hotel Miramar, further up the road. Now that Mee Jamal has shifted to somewhere because of the opening of the new Vox Bistro next to the hotel. This Mee Jamal is not the Mee Jamal that I use to eat. Its by another mee seller maybe by the name of Jamal also. Of course the taste is not as I expected that is the usual Mee Jamal or the once famous Mee Abu. If you ever stop by that stall I mention, just try Popia Jamal Mahkamah.
It was once popular when he was selling that popia near the mahkamah (court) at the junction of Jalan Sultan Muhamad Jiwa and Seberang Jalan Putra (now Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman Putra).