Free Pass To Premier Screening

It might not be appropriate fr this blog but since this blog is registered with All Malaysian Blog Project and I attended the gathering organised by them, I post this in appreciation for the double cinema pass to the premier screening of Cloverfield.

Hire Coaches With Sports Science

Malaysia has start to take Sports Science since 1986 when the National Coaching board was set up by the government. Since then the National Sports Council has been organising Sport Science courses for local coaches to expose them with the knowledge. However as a new area, most coaches are still skeptical about the subject and many try to shy away.

Today many young coaches are already opened up to be exposed to the sciences and in a few years to come, they will replace the old timers who think they can’t cope with this area of science for sports.

During her visit to National Sports Institute recently, the Sports Minister Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said urged the National Association to employ only coaches with sports science background and knowledge. As it is there are still coaches who train national athletes who are without sports science and worse still no coaching certificates. They are employed because they have been producing athletes before and boast that without sports science they are still productive. We do not deny that without sports science athletes can still be produced but with sports science the athletes can sustain a longer athletic career without damaging their human characteristics one of them is injury. atok vlog

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