A Trip To Midvalley

It has been very rare that I go to Midvalley for the reason driving there can be a stressful experience. A first time visit to the shopping mall during its earlier days of its opening has been enough toe keep me away from that mall. The queue, finding the parking space and finding the way out is just too much for me. So from then on I never go do Midvalley anymore. My window shopping or such has been somewhere in Bukit Bintang or Jalan Mesjid India. The simple reason being there is easy access using the LRT from my place.

Yesterday (12 January) I attended the AMBP Bloggers gathering at Starbucks@ The Garden in Midvalley. Since I knew of the KTM commuter service to the shopping mall, I thought it will be something to learn about traveling to the place using trains. This is my first time to the Midvalley on KTM’s commuter.

From Bukit Jalil LRT station I took the train to Bandar Tasik Selatan to change to KTM commuter. The fare is just 70 cents. The commuter fare from Bandar Tasik Selatan to Midvalley on KTM commuter is just RM 1.00. So a single journey is just RM 1.70 saving me a lot on petrol, parking and stress. It is very convenient to walk from the train station to Midvalley Megamall because there is a pedestrian bridge right into Megamall.

During the whole journey to midvalley, I observe something that should not happen for KTM. Upon arrival at the ticket counter, it was close because the clerk at the counter went out for breakfast (I think). So I and other commuters have to purchase the tickets using the ticket vending machine which is not much of a hassle since I had the experience using it before. Then at the entrance gate to the platform, there is also no KTM staff manning the gate and therefore anyone can enter the platform for FREE. However I scanned my ticket.

The train of course was packed until Midvalley where majority of the commuter disembark. Again at the exit of the station ay midvalley, no staff man the gate and I decided this time not to scan my ticket and keep it. Now I think KTM must nor complain if there is anybody who get a FREE ride because the fault lies on them. Why must the ticket counter be left without any staff. The entry and exit gate should be manned all the time because this is Malaysia. I remember when I visited Los Angeles and took the LRT from Transit Centre to LA Airport, there is no gateor fence whatsoever into the platform but the people are very disiplined and nobody took a Free ride. Commuters can buy the ticket on the platform itself and board the train. Hey, we are Malaysians…. OMG.

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