Malaysian Open Super Series

I have blogged about the Malaysian Open and today is another follow up.

NST reported that there is not many fans at Putra Stadium despite entry is FREE. One of the reason being not many people knew about the competition and this is the weakest aspect of organizing events in Malaysia. So don’t blame on the public for not turning up for the matches. When spectators want to attend, they will definitely want to see their own home team or players but how to know who is playing when there no where to look for to see who is playing and at what time? The BAM and the competition official website? They are there just to add junks in cyberspace. Just imagine how 47732 (as at 12.42 p.m. 16th January 2008) visitors were frustrated when they visit the official tournament website and find just the front page.

Food is also being sold at high price. It has always been an expensive food fair inside the Putra Stadium for any events held there. Just visit any function at the staduim and everyone can feel that price of food is quite high. The stall operators knew very well that visitors have no choice but to buy from them when hungry, So why they worry about not getting customers. To go to the NSC’s canteen or the food court outside the stadium might be a bit time consuming even though its a bit cheaper there. OMG…… a chicken burger costing RM 2.50 outside is sold for RM 6.00? A bottled drink for RM 6.00 to RM 12.00? Its cheaper on Airasia.

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