Kedah Super League Champion?

Maybe my mathematics is weak but on paper Kedah has already retain the Super League tittle even with four matches to be played. Presently Kedah had collected 50 points after playing 20 matches. The nearest rival is Selangor who collected 42 points with the same number of mathces and a difference of 8 points.

If Kedah finishes all the remaining matches with a win it means that Kedah will collect 62 points. Selangor will collect 54 points if they too win the remaining matches. But if Kedah drew in all the four matches and tie with Selangor (winning all remaining matches) with 54 points they will still win the cup on goal average. So Kedah again will emerge as the Super league Champion.

Now Selangor will hope that Kedah loose all the remaining matches and they win all their matches, they will only pip Kedah (50 points) with 54 points. However Selangor will not get that 54 point since FAM penalise them with 3 points now leaving them with 39 points instead of 42. So Selangor will get a maximum of 51 points, a one point advantage over Kedah, and keep the cup in Klang valley. So now Kedah just need another win or two draws to keep the cup for the second consecutive time.

For Kedah now the task of retaining the Super League Cup is now easier and they can look at how to keep their 4-1 lead against Malacca in the return league of the FA cup and might meet Selangor again in the FA Cup Finals if they manage to overcome Pahang in the semi. Thats only my prediction. Kedah too have another bigger task ahead of them that is the AFC Cup.

Author: zaharibb

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