CYC – Should We Proceed?

Did CYC bring any positive changes in terms of development to our football which is going down the ladder in FIFA’s ranking? CYC is nothing more than an entertainment activity for local football fans. Fans of well known and prestigious clubs of the world playing in front of their own eyes. Only that the players are not the real players that the see and envy on live telecasts. If CYC does not benefit in developing our sport, why waste taxpayers money for the coffer some company?

Citizen Nades & Terence Fernandez has this to say.


The RM17 million annual “bidding fee”, that works out to RM51 million for three years, does not include other expenses borne by the states where the group matches are played, such as booking stadiums, organising the matches, and transporting, feeding and housing the players and officials.

……….a lot of money was already spent on the tournament with RM8 million paid in July last year for the 2008 tournament – even before the 2007 games had kicked off.

Another RM9 million is scheduled to be paid to Gifted International after the August tournament.

Seventeen million ringgit has already been paid for the 2007 inaugural tournament while another RM17 million has been committed for the 2009 edition.

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