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This is the second time I fly this year on my official duty. Its the KUL-LBU-KUL flight. Nothing extraordinary with all the flights that I have taken on MAS. Only that now I am flying with MH equivalent to Malaysian hospitality. Of course Malaysians will present Malaysian Hospitality. Read what an ex steward has to write about Malaysian Hospitality HERE.

I wanted to write about Malaysian Hospitality back in February but due to time constrain and concentrating on my SOPO blog, I forgot about it. It was back in February when I wanted to check my flight with call centre and called 1-300-88-3000 from Langkawi. It was a disgusting experience. I made a call on 21st February 2008 at 2.10 pm and after getting through, I was put on hold and listen to pre recorded advertisements for 26 minutes and 43 seconds and then the call was disconnected. I have wasted that amount of time and money to be paid to Celcom without any information I needed. And this is Malaysian Hospitality and I agree the what Lea Laurielle wrote. Thanks Lea for writing at length to them. Now I feel a “trauma” whenever I need to call MAS call centre. When Lea wrote at length about call centre, I doubt anybody from MAS reads her blog.

Back on board its my on an evening flight to Labuan from Kuala Lumpur and its my first experience having meals packed in a nice beautifully designed meal box. For this I give a thumb up. It is neatly packed and the steward and stewardess manage to serve the passengers easier and faster. Every passenger will be given meal of their choice normally two choice. On that particular flight its was a choice of rojak or spaghetti. Why spaghetti? Its Malaysian Airlines and they serve spag? Rojak is a good choice. I don’t understand the choice of serving spag on a Malaysian Airlines who should be a promoter of Malaysian Hospitality which means provide whatever is Malaysian. That was my KUL-LBU flight.

On my way back LBU-KUL this time also on an evening flight and passengers have no choice of meals. Its macaroni, sandwich, fruits and choc. Again macaroni is not Malaysian even many Malaysians are accepting foreign food in their eating habits. I know nobody from MAS will read this blog but as a Malaysian I am writing to point out my view for any readers who visit this blog.
The meals are packed nicely and each passenger can have a box either to be eaten on board of maybe want to take away as souvenir. Only one thing I would like to bring up is food is placed in paper trays but the cover is plastic. If the plastic is safe and has no toxic effect due to heat whny not ouverturn it? Place the food on the plastic and the paper as the cover. If there’s any gravy it will not dissolved into the paper and destroy the box causing leaks. Maybe MAS Catering managements have some reasons for that. I am just a traveller flying on Mas who is promoting Malaysian Hospitality. atok vlog

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