Rojak @ Seri Petaling

One of a local delicacy in Malaysia is a mixture of bean sprout, blanched bean curd, deep fried and sliced turnip, peeled and shredded hard boiled egg, sliced cucumber (shredded), boiled potato, cuttlefishdna sliced prawn fritters. It is called rojak in the Central region of Malaysia and pasembor in the Northern parts of the country.

If you want to savor a tasteful plate of rojak one place you can go is to Seri Petaling. The hawker peddling their rojak on pickup trucks carry out their business on Jalan Merah Silu in Seri Petaling (click attached map) . The staff are well dressed with white long sleeves shirt, vest and a bow. Aprons too keep their clothes clean. Once I saw them wearing cowboy hats which created an identity for them and their business.

Beside the rojak you can also order a cool refreshing cendol to washdown your throat after swallowing the sweet gravy of the rojak.

Angsa Is Not International

While waiting for the driver to come and pick me up, I notice this signboard outside Gate 8 KLIA. The signboard is supposed to tell visitors that this the way to International Arrivals. I first saw this back in 2007 and it seems that nobody care about the signboard especially Malaysia Airports who manages KLIA. Maybe because it is facing a large pillar and they take it for granted that no visitor will notice. The sign also faces away from oncoming traffic and nobody will care for it.

It is just a small matter but it show how reckless the management of the airport is. Actually the letter ‘b’ is hidden by a small pole holding another sign on it. atok vlog

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