R & R In The Garden

The Bukit Gantang Tropical Fruits Village

It was my trip back from Permatang Pauh and vere rarely I drive all the way to Kuala Lumpur on the PLUS Highway because I disagree with the toll imposed. My trip was usually a mixed of trunk road and highways and my toll budget from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar is not more than RM 20.00 one way.

Fruits stalls selling tropical fruits were well planned.

This time I decided to take the highway because I wanted to write something about the Bukit Gantang R&R which is very different from other R&R along the North South Highway. I like to dub it as R&R In a Garden. It really look look like a garden with trees giving the area a cool green look. When I say garden it doesn’t mean full of flowering trees but with lots of tropical trees. This area was recently upgraded from the barren tropical fruit stalls to a R&R in the Forest as now.

The pathway leading to a restaurant. However what irked me is that the price of a packet of nasi lemak is sold at RM 1.20 whereby at other R&R along the highway it us just RM 1.00. PLUS should check this.

When the PLUS Highway was opened all along the highways from the present R&R up until the Bukit Berapit slopes, there are farmers selling tropical fruits in make shift stalls on both sides. Even though its is a cheap option (?) for travelers to buy fresh tropical fruits, it create a danger because cars can stop abruptly when they wanted to buy the fruits and can cause accidents. The area especially North bound is going down the slope and vehicles travel at a high speed. Now with the setting up of the R&R, views along the stretch looks nicer and risk of accidents was minimizes. Now it is an offense to sell fruits along the stretch and offenders can be fined RM 300.

The Garden located centrally

On my normal trip from Kuala Lumpur to Alor Setar and back, I will usually miss this R&R because I will be using the trunk road from Taiping Utara exit and reenter the highway at Kuala Kangsar. But this time I cam claim from my employer, the government. Therefore its the government who pay for my toll and thats why I trael up to Kuala Lumpur using it.

The wakaf built at one of the end R&R is a good resting place for tired traveler to rest before continuing the journey.

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