Pemain Badminton Negara Bersara

Tidak ada sesiapa pun akan dapat menceburi sukan prestasi tinggi selam-lamanya. Apabila usia sudah meningkat melebihi 30 tahun dia dianggap sebagai sudah tua untuk beraksi. Namun di Malaysia persepsi pemian tua adalah pada usia lebih rendah dari itu. Apabila seseorang pemain atau atlet berusia di akhir 20an dia sudah dianggap kuda tua walhal dia masih lagi boleh memberi sumbangan yang bermakna dan pengalamannya dapat mengatasi atlet yang masih muda. Namun demikian persepsi dia sudah tua, membuatkan dia akan hilang semangat. 
Carl Lewis yang mula dikenali sebagai jaguh pecut dunia apabila memenangi pingat emas dalam Olimpik Los Angeles 1984 dan mencapai ranking dunianya pada usia 35 tahun.  Pada usia yang sama juga beliau masih boleh memenangi pingat emas Olimpik iaitu dalam acara Lompar Jauh di Atlanta pada tahun 1996. 
Ben Johnson juga mula memangi pingat Olimpik di Los Angeles pada tahun 1984, iaitu Gangsa pada usia beliau 23 tahun dan pada usia 31 tahun masih lagi berjaya mewakili Kanada dalam Olimpik di Barcelona setelah mengakhiri hukuman gantung kerana dadah sewaktu Olimpik di Seoul 1988. 
Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) jaguh tinju yang teragung mula memenangi pingat iaitu emas di Olimpik di Rome pada tahun 1960 pada usia beliau 18 tahun. Beliu terus menjadi peninju profesional dan memenangi kejuaraan dunia sebanyak tiga kali. Muhammad Ali bersara dari dunia sukan pada usia 37 tahun. 
Itu sekadar menamakan atlet yang memberi sumbangan sehingga menjangkau usia 30 tahun. 
Hari ini dalam The Star online ada dipaparkan bahawa tiga jaguh badminton negara kita mengumumkan persaraan dari BAM walaupun tidak dari dunia badminton. Mereka ialah  Wong Choong  Hann, Lee Wan Wah and Choong Tan Fook. 

Apakah mereka menganggap diri mereka sudah tua atau memikirkan masa hadapan? Walau apapun keinginan mereka untuk terus berkhidmat dalam dunia badminton adalah langkah yang patut dipuji. Sememangnya pengalaman mereka amat diperlukan untuk melahirkan lebih ramai pemain bdaminton yang mampu memberi saingan negara di peringkat antara bangsa. Kesediaan mereka untuk menjadi jurulatih dan mengikuti kursus kejurualtihan amat dialu-alukan.


Labuan 21-24 Sept 08 – I Missed My Flight.

Labuan Airport: 5.45 pm. en route to Kuala Lumpur on MH 2609
This is my second time this year I arrive her in Labuan. This short visit is during the fasting month and for me a Muslim the glitches of being here is during the breaking of fast and the sahur. Stayed at Hotel Pulau Labuan II. I have to buy packed food and eat a a restaurant on the first day. For sahur is packed nasi goreng kuning. 
Second day break of fast with Nasi Briyani kambing and as usual a glass of iced lemon tea. Sahur is mee goreng mamak in the middle of the night beside the Blue Wave Lounge. 
Now that I had arrived at Labuan Airport and waiting to check in. My flight as I have been remembering is 7.20 pm. So when the counter is opened, I proceed to check in only to find out that I had made a silly mistake of being careless. I was told by the staff at the counter that my flight was at 5.20 and not 7.20. On the ticket it was 1720 and I just don’t know why I made that simple and silly mistake. After been flying since 1973 this is the first time I made that mistake and I am for a time being stranded at the airport. 
Immediately I went to the MAS ticket office to enquire and being told that the next flight will only be the next morning and there is only Business Class. It means that I have to pay the fine for no appearance and the extra upgrading to Business class of RM 430.00. There is no more seat until Sunday since its the weekend and nearing the Aidil Fitri holidays. I jsut can’t wait until Sunday. So I decided to try Airasia instead and if the fare is more than I have no choice but to take the business Class and it will be my first time flying Business. 
The Airasia office is closed maybe because of the time of breaking the fast for Muslims. The wait is quite stressful thinking whether there are anymore seat on the 8.50 flight to Kuala Lumpur. The stress increased when the MAS ticketing office is close. And It means if there is no seat on Airasia, I have no choice to fly back to Kuala Lumpur the next morning and that too is not confirmed since the ticketing clerk told me that there is only 3 seats left. Time flew so slow and in my mind I am thinking of the price. 
After seeing one man came out of the sales office that is still close I approached and asked when the office will be open. He said that the office will not be opened and that really shoot up my stress. Then I asked whether there is anymore seat on tonight’s flight and the good news came. There are seats. 
I can buy the ticket at the counter and it costs me RM 421 plus RM 10 for luggage. That is cheaper than if I fly Business and above that I have to pay my hotel room for tonight which will be totalling more than RM 500 and going back a day late. 
Now that I had my ticket and checked in, I am waiting for the flight which I was told being delayed. The aircraft was delayed in Macau to Kuala Lumpur. However the delay is not a problem to me anymore since I am able to fly back to Kuala Lumpur tonight. 

Breaking Of Fast In A Hotel

This is my second time breaking of fast in a hotel. Yes, throughout my life. Three years ago it was an invitation to breaking of fast at The Legend in Jalan Putra. Its a free threrat, so why not accept the invitation. 
Today I had another taste of breaking the fast at De Palma in Ampang. Also a free threat since I am attending a workshop and breaking of fast is part of the package. When I arrived I was surprise to see that there are many people at the lobby buying coupon for the function at the Grand Ballroom. I found out that the price of the buka puasa is RM 58.00 per head for adult and RM 29 for children. With the crowd I think nobody will believe that people of Malaysia is hit by the economic slump. 
De Palma put up an excellent display, based on my perception, when food served are of variety. At the main ballroom lobby, there are mixtures of local dishes. It includes popia, nasi ayam, kebab, roasted lamb, yong tau foo, Ais Kacang (shredded ice over cencol, lengkong, red beans etc. topped up with sweet syrup and condensed milk) fried mee, koteow meehoon to name a few. Besides there’s a display of fried local cakes where guest can eat them right from the frying pan. 
Inside the hall, there are corners catering various dishes such as appetiser corner, kampung corner and desserts. 
While savouring the varied dishes, guest were also entertained by a traditional Malay music group. The atmosphere looks Malaysians with waiter and waitress in traditional Malay dress and suit the theme of the Hari Raya mood. atok vlog

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