Sports Science Course For Sabah Teachers

The Sports Science course under the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme(NCAS) was incepted since 1987 and it has been going on till today. The program to educate local coaches with Sports science knowledge is one of the components of the NCAS. The other two are Sports Specifics and Practicum.
Last week concluded with one Sports Science course at Kompleks Tabung Haji in Kota Kinabalu. The course organised by Bahagian Sukan, Seni dan Kokurikulum(BSSK) of Malaysian Ministry of Education was attended by 38 teachers from all over Sabah. The course was organised not only to educate the coaches but also to certify them before being qualified to train at the Pusat Latihan Daerah and being paid allowances. The course was organised in collaboration with National Sports Council
The closing ceremony was officiated by The Director of BSSK, En. Jame @Maikal bin Alip. 

The Actual Price……

Whats the actual price of the Nasi Lemak? You shpuld read it as RM 1.90. So the actual price of the meal is not as advertised. The rounding mechanism introduced by the government will round up the price to 10s. So is this advertisement is just a disguise to make it look cheap. What is one cent anyway. Why not put the price of as RM 1.91 or RM 1.92. After all it will be sold at RM 1.90. This advertisement is found ad a pertol station on the Silk Highway near Sungai Besi town. atok vlog

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