Breaking Of Fast In A Hotel

This is my second time breaking of fast in a hotel. Yes, throughout my life. Three years ago it was an invitation to breaking of fast at The Legend in Jalan Putra. Its a free threrat, so why not accept the invitation. 
Today I had another taste of breaking the fast at De Palma in Ampang. Also a free threat since I am attending a workshop and breaking of fast is part of the package. When I arrived I was surprise to see that there are many people at the lobby buying coupon for the function at the Grand Ballroom. I found out that the price of the buka puasa is RM 58.00 per head for adult and RM 29 for children. With the crowd I think nobody will believe that people of Malaysia is hit by the economic slump. 
De Palma put up an excellent display, based on my perception, when food served are of variety. At the main ballroom lobby, there are mixtures of local dishes. It includes popia, nasi ayam, kebab, roasted lamb, yong tau foo, Ais Kacang (shredded ice over cencol, lengkong, red beans etc. topped up with sweet syrup and condensed milk) fried mee, koteow meehoon to name a few. Besides there’s a display of fried local cakes where guest can eat them right from the frying pan. 
Inside the hall, there are corners catering various dishes such as appetiser corner, kampung corner and desserts. 
While savouring the varied dishes, guest were also entertained by a traditional Malay music group. The atmosphere looks Malaysians with waiter and waitress in traditional Malay dress and suit the theme of the Hari Raya mood. 

Author: zaharibb

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