Malaysia being thrashed 5 – 0 to UAE sparks uproar among local football fans. 
Sathia too voice out his views and feelings. He accused the local league for the misfortune. I don’t think Sathia alone should take the blame. 
What will FAM action be after this. 
Malaysia should start from scratch? 
I thinkMalaysia should have a team of its own and not depend on players from the local league and states. FAM should have their own talent scouting team and scout for potential players from all over the country including the back yards. Select them and groom from young. Give them proper education academically and proper coaching in term of skill. These players will not play for any state in thelocal league.  These players should be nurtured and provide all basic facilities. Go back to Maslow’s Theory of Needs. Start from the ground. 
What is the future for these ‘national players’ because sports in Malaysia can’t guarantee a bright future. 
Most football fans are telling that the reason for the national squad failure is because of the local league and not Sathia alone. He play for his state team and earn a living on it. If he play for Malaysia he might get injuries and that will jeapordise his income in the local league. So, why play all out for the national team? After all the Malaysian League is his pot of rice. 

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