Restoran Sup Tulang in JB

When I was in Johor Bahru, a friend took me to a restaurant that specialises in sup tulang (bone soup?) Bone soup is a specialty to most Malaysians besides the ox tail soup. This restuarant serves a one of its kind of bone soup in that the bone was added to the mee rebus. It is named Mee Rebus Tulang. The bone isastually for the customer to savour the marrow which can be sipped using the straw provided. However I did not sip the marrow due to its high cholesterol content.

The restaurant is situated in a forestry environment at Jalan Petri 5/1. Its a secluded environment with colonial building still stand strong. For someone new the clue to find this place is “behind JKR”. If I were to go again, I will not find the place withease.

The eating shelters built between trees gives a cool and tranquility atmosphere.

This is the mee bandung tulang that I ordered. A drinking straw is provided to sip the bone marrow and helps increase the cholesterol level in your blood. atok vlog

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