Terjun: Pingat Pertama Peringkat Dunia

Leong Mun Yee dan Pandelela Rinong Pamg telah memenangi pingat gangsa dalam acara terjun berpasangan 10 meter di Kejohanan Dunia dan merupakan pingat pertama bagi negara dalam kejohanan peringkat tersebut. Mereka telah memungut 321.66 mata.
Dalam kejohanan yang sama, pingat emas telah dimenangi oleh Chen Roulin dan Wang Xin dari China dengan memungut 369.18 mata. Tempat kedua dimenangi oleh Mary Beth Dunnichay dan Haley Ishimatsu dari Amerika Syarikat dengan 324.66 mata.

My Sukan mengucapkan tahniah kepada pasangan atlet tersebut.
Kredit foto: The Star online.

Man U Vs Malaysia XI – Second Match

The second friendly match between Manchester United against Malaysia XI. The match is to replace the scheduled game to be held at Istora Senayan, Jakarta. Manchester United cancelled their Indonesia leg of the Asian tour on security ground. This is in the wake of the attack on Marriot and Ritz Carlton.
Man U won the first match 3-2.
I walk around the stadium to see the atmosphere before the match. Man U fans do over power Malaysian fans if colour and replica jerseys are taken into consideration.

Definitely Malaysian fans and supporter.

Fans from both teams approaching the stadium.

Waiting patiently to enter the stadium even at 5.30 p.m.

Fans at the official merchandise booth

Something sweet and something different. Drink will surely be sweet even with less sugar. When asked they said they are just “Penyokong Malaysia”
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