Taiping Lake Garden In Picture

I have been visiting Taman Tasik Taiping a few times ever since I attended a Malaysian Scouts Patrol Leaders Camporee sometimes in 1964 at “waterfall”. I can’t remember exactly where the location is now although everytime I visit Taiping I was trying to recall those days when I was a school children.
We have seen great pictures recording the beauty landscape of the famous Taiping Lake Garden that house some of the must see landmark. The most popular being the Taiping Zoo located just next to the lake. Here too is the base take off point for visitors who wanted to go up Maxwell Hill or Bukit Larut either for day trip or spend the night in bungalows on top of the hill. Besides there is also the waterfall called Burmese pool for a cooling dip or picnic. Taiping Lake Garden area also host the War Memorial.
For visitors who want to stay in the cool, tranquil of a resort like accomodation, there are a few Inns and hotel around besides the Seri Malaysia and government rest house.
My last visit was during my journey back to Alor Setar during the fasting month of Ramadhan. It was a once in a blue moon of my travelling during the daytime. I decided to make a stop at the Taiping Lake Garden and I present it in pictures here.

Sunset From In Flight

I am not sure when this was taken. Opportunity to see the sunset from the window of an aeroplane is quite scarce. One has to take a window seat and facing West and on an evening flight. I am not sure which flight I was on but base on the date I think it was on an MAS flight from Labuan to Kuala Lumpur and I was on starboard seat.

Sekali lagi Usain Bolt (22 tahun pada bulan Ogos) mengegarkan trek olahraga dengan mencipta rekod barubagi acara 100 meter di World Track and Field Championship di Berlin.
Grafik diambil di SINI.
New York Times menulis: His performance once again raised the question, how much more can be wrung out of the human body? (Assuming no drugs are involved, of course)
Bolt mencipta rekod dunia semasa Olimpik di Beijing dengan kepantasan 9.69 saat.
Bolt juga mencatat masa 19.19 saat dalam acara 200 meter 11/100 saat lebih pantas dari yang diciptanya di Olimpik Beijing 2008.