Abstracts : Sports Hydration and Nutrition Seminar 2009

Here are another three abstracts from the seminar. The sminar was powered by 100 PLUS Isotonic drink.

The Efficacy of Commercially available sports drinks in improving Endurance Performance in a warm and Humid Environment
Twelve males performed three trials of ingesting water, a placebo and a carbohydrate-electrolyte sports drink during exercise and recovery to evaluate their efficacy in replacing fluids, glucose and electrolytes, and the effects on subsequent endurance capacity. A rehydration volume equivalent to 150 percent of sweat loss was ingested during a 75 minute moderate intensity cycling session in the heat and within one hour of recovery time. The results showed that ingestion of the sports drink during and after moderate intensity exercise replaces fluids lost more effectively than water and a placebo. The replenishment of glucose and electrolytes with the sports drink has helped extend subsequent endurance capacity.
  • Replenishment of fluids and energy with 100 PlUS is more effective than water.
  • Rehydration with 100 PLUS should be encouraged during prolonged exerciseto augment training adaptations.
  • For athletes participating in repeated bouts of exercise within a day, the ingestion of 100 PLUS during exercise and recovery will enhance exercise performance in comparison to water.

Hydration Management for Individual and Team Sports (Eg. Malaysian Badminton & Hockey Team)

A proper hydration strategy is important to ensure athletescan perform at optimal levels, but it does vary for different types of sports. Factors that must be taken into consideration include the environment, opportunity to drink, duration and intensity of games, rest period between games, etc.
The duration and intensity of badminton games vary depending on opponents. Besides, the opportunity to drink is a limiting factor. Athletes must apply strategies that prepare them for the worst situations, such as long duration or high intensity sports.
As for hockey, the duration of the game is standard andthere is greater opportunity to rehydrate during time offs or substitutions. The focus would then be the outdoor environment, which would affect the body’s hydration status.
Applications :
  • Analyse the possibility to drink during games.
  • Assess individual hydration response to different environments, duration and intensity of games.
  • Try out hydration strategies to grasp tolerance levels and familiarise yourself to competition.

Ergogenic Aids in Sports Performance: Effectiveness, Legalities & Enhancement

The nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids industry is a multi-million dollar, poorly regulated industry where new products are released almost daily, often with little to no scientific evidence to support their claims of benefit to athletes. Several manufacturers are moving towards multi-component “super” products yet have not resolved the issues of variations in dosage and situation requirements between different ergogenic aids, even for those which do have scientific evidence support. However, the riskof doping offences through consumption of ergogenic aids remains of concern. The AIS Supplements Program provides a framework of adviceto athletes and coaches regarding nutritional supplements and ergogenic aids.
  • The majority of ergogenic aids promoted to athletes have no scientific evidence to support the claims made by their manufacturers.
  • There is clear risk of anti-doping offences from consumption of ergogenic aids due to poor quality control procedures and both deliberate and inadvertent contamination.
  • There are a small number of ergogenic aids which DO have scientific support. However, they are generally restricted to specific types of activities and have set dosage protocols. Besides, these ergogenic aids can only be used by elite level athletes who are already trained as professional athletes – following a strict training routine, strict diet and hydration remedy, and appropriate rest and recovery period.

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