National Sports Complex FREE Facilities

Who says there is no free lunch these days?

Do you know that you can have access to International Sports facilities for FREE? Yes! I repeat F-R-E-E. And I repeat it, International standard sports facilities.

Not many KLites know that they can play for FREE at National Sports Complex (KSN) on every Friday beginning at 8.00 a.m to 7.00 p.m.
This FREE use of facilities is in conjunction with Kompleks Sukan Negara’s Open Day on every Fridays. This offer was mooted and extended during the days when Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said was the Youth and Sports Minister.
I knew that the training swimming pool is free on every Friday since I take my son to swim there after his evening religious class and today I saw the poster at the National Aquatic Complex about other facilities within KSN’s  administration that are also free to use too on Fridays.
Following are the venues:
National Stadium – Jogging
National Aquatic Centre – Swimming
National Squash Centre – Squash
Putra Stadium – Badminton & Sepak Takraw
National Hockey Stadium – Hockey
Family Park – Football, Beach Volleyball, Basketball,Sepak Takraw, Netball, Jogging Track and other suitable activities
Commonwealth Hill – Jogging
Juara Stadium (Bkt Kiara) – Netball
National Lawn Bowl Centre (Bkt Kiara) – Lawn Bowls
For further details you can contact KSN at 03-89944660/1/2.
How To Go? See Map below or HERE

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