Blogging Into The Limelight

Bloggers, the future is bright for you. When you jumped onto the blogging bandwagon, you had made the right choice in choosing your interest. Bloggers and blogging is emerging in the limelight lately. Even though it is not officiated, bloggers are becoming important and necessary to accomodate the development of the new media and changing lifestyles. More and more people are patronising the cyberspace 24 /7 and in today’s availability of mobile gadgets, makes dissemination of information through the internet a necessity. Thats the reason bloggers are becoming more important especially in marketing of products. One of the reason is that, its economical and marketing is borderless as compared to traditional marketing strategies.
In September 2009, an internet advertising company, Nuffnang, launched the first online TV shows about bloggers with seven top Malaysian bloggers for the first season, called Project Alpha. In collaboration with the show, Nuffnang also organise blog writing contest, open to bloggers to post entries about the respective bloggers weekly. Indirectly entries do help not only to promote the selected bloggers but also helps market Nuffnang and the sponsors product and minimum costing.
On 6th of October Ministry of Federal Territories launched the Blog4FT blogging contest as an effort to promote the three Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan. This contest too not only helps to “sell” Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan to the world but indirectly increase the blogging population and motivate more people to blog and paralell to that, improving  writing skills and their internet savvy.
Today when I visited The Pavillion, I came to know of another event for bloggers, the Live Mannequin Blogathon held at Tang’s.
The four bloggers ‘thrashing’ against one another behind the glass for 24 hours are Cheeserland, Huai Bin, KY  Speaks and Wernshen.  More details HERE. Photo below I grab from sixthseal show the bloggers involved.

So bloggers, you are going  to be future ambassadors in cyberspace……..keep writing.

Author: atok zaha

I am just a small blogger writing about sports, travel and lifestyle and turned into a social media influencer. Will undertake to accept write up invitations. to blog and to share on my social media platforms,

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