Ooo, That Ice Cream Man

If you visit BB Plaza at Bukit Bintang you will not miss this ice cream man. I think he is Turkish and while waiting for him to fill the ice cream cone for your order you will be entertained by some not understandable song. Then when the ice cream is ready he will knock the bell. However you will still not get your ice cream as yet because there is still some stunts performed before handing over the ice cream to you. You can see him at the right corner of the complex facing Jalan Bukit Bintang.
After you get your ice cream, just hang around savouring your ice cream and you might get more free entertainment from him whenever he has customers ordering his ice cream.

Author: zaharibb

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3 thoughts on “Ooo, That Ice Cream Man”

  1. Aiskrim itu masih ada lagi tetapi setiap kali pergi sekarang, penjualnya bukan yang di dalam gambar di atas. Mungkin anaknya sudah ambil alih.

  2. Lates development: I did not see him anymore at the location where I took this picture. Either he has closed down his business or move somewhere else. hope to get feedback.

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