Walking Walking Kuala Lumpur – Concluding The History Walk

This morning I have posted the conclusion entry of the Walking Walking Kuala Lumpur Part I.
Walking Walking Kuala Lumpur as I had written in my first post of the series is literally translated from Bahasa Melayu Jalan Jalan Kuala Lumpur. I coin that phrase imitating a popular local TV show Jalan Jalan Cari Makan or directly translated Walking Walking Find Food. That show hosted by Maria Tengku Sabri takes viewers around the country in every series to promote local cuisine and respective restaurant or eating place to the public.
This posting came into my mind after thinking hard on what to write and post in this blog which has since seems to be a bit neglected and enter it for the Blog4FT contest. The contest is not just to motivate people to write about the Federal Territories but in tandem of promoting Malaysia to the world. When people think about Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur as one of the Federal Territories comes into the picture. Therefore the idea of the Ministry of Federal Territories to launch this blog contest it killing two birds with one stone.
Back to Walking Walking Kuala Lumpur. If you were to follow this series from the beginning, you will find that you can put into your itenary where to go in Kuala Lumpur. The route I have taken covers all the attractions of Kuala Lumpur in relation to her history. This writing covers all agendas of the birth place of Kuala Lumpur because my journey circles the confluence of the Sungai Gombak and Sungai Klang. All places within this journey too reflects the diversity of Kuala Lumpur with her different main races of Malaysia. The Indian Community at Jalan Mesjid India, the British influence around Dataran Merdeka, the Chinese activities around Central Market and Petaling Street and the Mesjid Jamek as symbol of Malay and Islamic presence. All these sum up to the spot where Kuala Lumpur was born –  Medan Pasar.
This walk took me just one evening and if you want to see more of the places in this series, just give yourself more time. There are lots to see besides just passing through like I did because this is not my first visit to all these places so, my walk is just to capture pictures of the places for my blog posting
This series is catered for visitors who want to see the history of Kuala Lumpur live. Just sit by the river bank at the confluence of the two mentioned rivers and visualize how in those days people travel by sampans and congregate to this place. Thats the confluence and in the background is the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

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