Walking Walking Kuala Lumpur – Ending At Mesjid Jamek

This entry concludes the Walking Walking Kuala Lumpur series part I (if I ever continue with Part II).
From Petaling Street I walk back towards Mesjid Jamek. The point where I started that is Mesjid Jamek LRT station. As I have written in the previous entry Mesjid Jamek is an important landmark in the history Kuala Lumpur. I am not going to write at length of this historical mosque but just let the pictures tell the story.
Posted below are views from inside the compound of the mosque.
Note for tourist
Visitors are welcome to visit the mosque.
Entrance is FREE
Dressing attire: must be decent and cover the aurat. Robes and head scarves for  for women are provided at the entrance at no charge. 
Avoid visiting during the Friday zohor prayer (at noon) because the area will be packed with worshippers and one will not be able to enjoy the serenity and calmness of the mosque.

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