Barbie Dolls At Pavillion, KL

When I visited The Pavillion a few days back, saw this exhibition of Barbie Dolls. This beautiful little dolls with body shape adored by women the world over stand elegantly in  glass cases parading costumes of most box office movies.
I am not a fan of Barbie Dolls but of real dolls, Ooopss…did I say real dolls? Well, as a man of course our attraction is towards women, am I right? If I am attracted to guys too, then there is something not right in my sexual desire and preference. Enough of that. Until I saw an article on Life & Times insert of New Straits Times published on Monday, November 23 2009, did I came to know why the Barbie Dolls were exhibited at The Pavillion. She’s 50. Hmmm….is Babie that old? I don’t see her age is 50.  Looking at the picture on the left I think you will agree that she doesn’t look 50, right?  She was born, err….I mean created in 1959 by Ruth handler, the co-founder of Mattel toys, based on a German fashion model Bild Lilli. If you are a fan of Barbie read more at New Straits Times insert.
Below are some pics I took in the showcase at The Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur.

If you are a fan of Barbie Doll go to The Pavillion at Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur and see her “live”. Err….I mean the dolls in real…………

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