DBKL – Jabatan Keselamatan Dan Penguatkuasaan

What do you feel when you enforcement officers from your local authority? Sense of guilt? Fear or safe? Well, surely everyone has some feelings upon having them in sight depending on your perception and/or past experiences with them. I caught up these two pictures of the enforcement officer from the Kuala Lumpur City Hall during the opening ceremony of the Blog4FT contest recently. These are people from the Jabatan Keselamatan Dan Penguatkuasaan DBKL. From my observation they look more like traffic wardens than other enforcement officers with the nature of their job that day. When I checked with DBKL’s website I found out that there no more such thing as traffic warden since the unit formed on 15th July 1975 to enforce the Traffic ordinance 1958 had been dissolved and merged into one single Enforcement Directorat in July 1982. On 15th May 2006 the name was officially changed to Jabatan Keseamatan dan Penguatkuasaan.

In Flight – Coming To Labuan

Whenever I travel, I will always request for a window seat on starboard side. My favourite seat will always be 27F the last seat on the plane. There is some advantage to it. If I am lucky enough the next seat 27D and 27E might be vacant and I can have all the row to myself. No, not stingy la. Comfort. I can put my laptop, magazine, newspaper or whatever on the seat next to me. During boarding, usually passengers from row 14 to 27 will be allowed in first after those who needs special assistants and those travellling with kids. When you go in first, you will not have problem to store your hand carry items in the overhead compartment. However during disembarkation, you must be prepared to be last but that is not a serback since inside the terminal, we will have to wait for our luggage too.
Being interested in Geography since school days, I like to look at maps and whenever in flight I can see for myself the actual landscape as what I see on maps. That’s the reason I love window seat when some prefer aisle because its easy to go to the toilet. I have the habit too to capture what I see on camera and with myself being a blogger, it helps when I want to post entries about my travelling experiences.
In this posting I recollect pictures that I have on my computer to share with my readers what I saw from seat 27F. This is Labuan as I see it from the air……………..
Below: Ariel view of Victoria Point or Labuan Town
Below: Approaching runway. The Labuan International Seasports Complex can be seen
Below: The State Mosque
Below: Labuan Airport
footsteps........by atok vlog

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