KL Skyscappers Shrouded In Clouds

Photo on this entry can be considered rare because its not always we can see our skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur are shrouded on clouds. I had the opportunity to capture coincidentally on a few trips to the city. It’s always nice to see the clouds surrounding the peak of the towers that show an effect of height.

Below: The Empire Building on Jalan Tun Razak


Fancy changing into your swimming costume and take a cool dip at a waterfall in the bustling city centre of  Kuala Lumpur? Or change into your running attire and take a jog any time of the day within the notorious KL city traffic jam and air clogged with carbon emission from thousands of cars all the time from dawn till midnight? Maybe you want to sit down and relax with your spouse and family without being disturbed by  noisy sound of car engines and honking? Well, if you have a yes for those question, come to Kuala Lumpur  City Centre. Yes!……..Kuala Lumpur City Centre, and I mean it. You can have all those there. Sounds wierd? No, the Malaysia Boleh concept did make it happen. There’s a park within the Kuala Lumpur City Centre which was once Malaysia’s popular race course.
Its considered a green lung in the heart of the city. A well planned out development not to neglect the health benefit of having green lungs in the congested Kuala Lumpur City because as most of us know trees release oxygen while absorbing Carbon Dioxide.
The park provide children’s playground, man made waterfall and dipping pool, jogging track and musical fointain. Come and sit on the terrace next to Suria KLCC and feast your eyes not only on the fountain but also those cheeky mens eyes can oogle girls. Hahaha………..Notty me……
Below are some snapshots of what the park has to offer which also includes views of Petronas Twin Tower and Kuala Lumpur Tower.
Below: Part of the jogging track within the park
footsteps........by atok vlog

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