Thomas Cup On Transit In KL

Its good bye bye Thomas…. (as loose cannon put it in his blog). 14th of May is the eve of National Youth Day and at Putrajaya the excitement of celebrating the 2010 National Youth day is on the rise. Not far from Putrajaya, the Federal Government Administrative Centre, there is another excitement and it is also youth related- sports. The Proton BWF Thomas and Uber Cup 2010 is reaching the climax with the Semifinals of the Thomas cup in line. I am sure most, if not all Malaysians are looking at Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil to witness Malaysia walk into the Final to play Indonesia for the most prestigious cup in Badminton. 
The atmosphere was full of excitement and tickets for the finals are already Sold Out and I am sure majority of those who bought the ticket for the final are Malaysians who are going to witness yet another victory for Malaysia. 
In the lobby the Thomas and Uber Cup is on display for the fans to get a closer view of the real cup that they hope will stay on Malaysia soil for the next two years. Ok,ok….I got a Guest pass and was part of the excitement at Putra Stadium. 
However the excitment was cut short when Datuk Lee Chong Wei succumbed to the might of Lin Dan. Lin Dan ought to win that match from what we saw and it is not his luck. When Datuk LCW falls, I can hear the frustration of the fans around me. Datuk LCW is tha pillar and the fortress that will defend the Malaysian team. When the pillar falls straight set and one of them below 10, the fans are looking at the premature exit for Malaysia which turn out to be true. Malaysia crumble to the might of the Great Wall of China and worst of all, all the three games straight sets. 
With the defeat, we are now wondering whether we can get our first gold in 2012 Olympics. 
In sports preparation there is what we consider as the Coaching Process. 
1. Data Collection
2. Diagnose the data
3. Write the blueprint
4. Implement
5. Analysis
Those process are cyclic. Now that we fail in the Thomas Cup, we have to analyse why we fail. Its not the end of the road since in sports not everybody can win. The analysis will give us new data and we have to go back to the drawing board. Its not too late to rectify the mistakes before 2012 Olympics and its not time to sit back and ponder on our lost because 2012 Olympics is just round the corner.
It high time the back up squad or Pelapis or whatever we name it to close the rank and be ready to take over from the seniors any time. We don’t have to wait until Datuk LCW or Wong Choong Han or any other seniors announce their retirement to make it into the limelight. What,s wrong if any younger players can push Datuk LCW  aside and take over as the best player in the country while the latter is still on the throne. Sports is a matter of better performance and not sit back with a low profile but to revolt with your performance to grab the throne. 
We did not win the Thomas Cup but just being a transit point before leaving to Jakarta or Beijing. 

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